Activity #474: Build a better Kleenex box

My cousin just sent me this link:

You can order oval-shaped Kleenex boxes customized with a photo that you upload and decorate with borders and text. I played around with the tool, and it was pretty fun. You get to see a 3-D version of the box you’ve created. This would be a cute way to commemorate an event where crying is expected, like a wedding.

The price is $4.99 per box plus shipping. Shipping is calculated in the shopping cart, but will be about $6.00 to ship 1-6 oval cartons, so that’s crazy for one box, but economical to purchase six.

Since I have become a mother, our use of Kleenex has skyrocketed, however, I think this would be even more of a thrill for the grandmothers. I just ordered each of them a box with a picture of the baby and text that reads “Welcome to my bathroom. Would you like to see more pictures of my new granddaughter?”

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