Activity #254: Go to brunch

brunch at sam's log cabinFind a good time between baby’s naps and enjoy a brunch out with your partner or some friends.

You want to find a place with wide enough aisles between tables that you can wheel a stroller or walk with a toddler, no fancy table cloths, and a changing table in the restroom. Ambient noise is generally a big plus!

Some of my go-to places in Berkeley:

  • The West Side Cafe in West Berkeley is pretty baby friendly and makes yummy pancakes and chilaquiles.
  • Bette’s Oceanview Diner on 4th Street is always crowded, so send a friend ahead of your group to put your name on the list, then enjoy a nice walk on over. It’s noisy, fun, and delicious! It’s also across the street from Cody’s Books and a toy store if you need to kill time or change a diaper.
  • Bacheeso’s at Dwight and San Pablo is a favorite of all our out-of-town guests. Because of the popular buffet, there’s no need to wait for your own food or for a piece of bread to throw junior.

Where is your favorite baby-friendly brunch spot?