BOB Revolution stroller review

Huge thanks to BOB for sending me a stroller to review, even though I already had one.

My husband and I — well, mostly him — have been driving BOB jogging strollers for more than six years but this past month was our first time testing the BOB Revolution SE with the swivel wheel instead of just the straight wheel for running. And now I finally understand the difference.

The locked-in straight wheel allows you to run fast and far; you need to turn corners by lifting up the front; we have been huge fans of this for both real jogging and running errands outdoors. Alec used to run Holden to his nanny share throughout his very verbal toddler days.

The swivel wheel allows us to bring this comfy off-road powerhouse of a stroller to urban life and crowded places. It steers easily with one hand even around corners. The basket is a good size (though it gets blocked when baby reclines) and it looks comfy enough that I wish it came in my size. The BOB SE allows us to lock the swivel wheel in place when Alec or I are ready to run. Ok, I’m sorry, I am gushing.

At 8 months and change, Sawyer is barely old enough for a run so we haven’t tested that feature (ok the real excuse: we also have 2 other kids). We recently kept it in swivel mode and got all muddy on a family fun hike. I thought I picked an easy two-mile loop but it turns out that I’m not so good with trail maps. Whatever you do, do not tell Holden and Milo that we walked four and half miles through the heat and hills. I wasn’t totally sure that we’d all make it out in one piece, but Sawyer was loving it. And also sleeping for half the time despite the terrain.

Super chill on his family fun hike
Sound asleep on bumpy terrain

Last weekend, we braved the Maker Faire with the BOB. The stroller was a champ, nimble in tight places but perfect when we went off-road (in the grass) to dodge flaming dragons or noisy robots. I was surprised and impressed.

Note robots and crowds swarming
Protected and playing (should be sleeping)


Disclosure: this amazing stroller review was sponsored by BOB who sent me one after I’d already purchased two on my own. Nice timing, BOB!