BlogHer11: the one where I felt like a (mega pregnant) fairy princess

Just getting away on a short flight to San Diego for a few days with my BFF might have been enough to carve a smile onto my face for a week. Add to that the kindness of bloggers and strangers (and a few generous vendors) to a 35-weeks pregnant chick, and it was an amazing experience.

Waking around 4am, we flew in one day early to attend pre-conference events. I went to a Sony Camera adventure day called #PhotoFunMom, It included a new CyberShot WX9; instructions on how to use it; full makeover; some decadent spa treatments (Hello, parafin foot booties!); a guided stroll around the marina, and a photo shoot from celebrity photographer Brian Smith. It was such a treat.

Photo by Kimberley Clayton Blaine

I returned to my roommates, Whitney and Wendy, all glammed up and I kinda felt like I was set for the whole conference… and then…

Ready for Mad Men themed party
What 30 minutes of makeup will do to me

Then I won an iPad at the #OCBloggerBash raffle to benefit Help a Mother Out. Wow. Thanks ywater for new toy.

Following the drinking-for-diapers party, Whitney and I headed over to the Clever Girls Rock Star party. I squished myself into skinny maternity jeans and wore a sparkly tube top she had brought along just in case. We danced with Madonna and Lady GaGa impersonators until our feet were begging for mercy (or was that just me?).

Yes, I finally changed out of that dress!

As of Conference Eve, I couldn’t imagine it getting much better. This BlogHer was massive — between 2600 and 3100 attendees– and being in a sprawling expo center, I felt every step of the bigness (or was I just feeling my own bigness? hmmm). Do you see the size of this lunch space? Dang.

Jane and I are due around the same time with third babies

Just after this stripey belly photo op, there was a Flash Mob at lunch! Can you spot me at the end of this video trying to get a better look?

Being in my third trimester, the saddest part of my weekend was probably that I had to admit that I just wasn’t up for everything. Anything that required too much walking was ruled out. And after a Friday full of too much walking and talking, I had to skip my favorite party. Looks like they had a fabulous, unicorn-butt-eating time without me:

Having missed Sparklecorn, I made myself shake my booty at the CheeseBurgHer party. And I’m so glad. I wore some ugly supportive shoes and danced around until after 11pm.

Heather, Whitney, Wendy at CheeseBurgHer party

I guess there’s always next year. My mind is already racing toward whether and how I can join BlogHer12 in NYC. Will I force my whole family to take a vacation to new york like last year? Will I come alone? Just me and the baby? Of course, it’s too soon to know, I haven’t even met the little guy yet.