BlogHer ’10 Highlights (and lowlights)

Now that I’m back home and into my normal groove, reflecting on BlogHer feels surreal. Was I really there? I spent an amazing long weekend feeling totally B-List. And that’s a good thing (I felt neither invisible nor obligated to be the funniest person in the room). I know a solid handful of people, although admittedly it was tough to find them in the throngs. Here at home, I’m lucky to be on the D-List (somewhere between whichever child is screaming and the alpha chicken).

I told Whitney that I was stressed to write about the weekend for fear that I can’t do justice to my experience. There’s so much that happened and I’m not sure who cares about it. If I say too much, y’all will be bored. If I say too little, I’m leaving out something important.

So, I offer it in list format, because writing a list helps me relax. Here are 22.5 personal memories from BlogHer 2010 complete with links and pictures (just like being there!):

  1. Listening intently to the Voices of the Year keynote (where 15 kick-ass bloggers shared some of their best work).
  2. Being invited by Lisa Belkin to the New York Times for lunch with a few of her favorite bloggers (like Dawn Meehan, Victor, Lenore Skenazy, and Moxie). How did I get on this list? Not sure, but it was an honor.
  3. Learning the hard way that pancakes should not wrap sausage on a stick.
  4. Talking about diaper donation at the Huggies booth, spending time with Jackie, Amanda, Jenny, and Caroline (but where oh where was Jessica?!)

    Jackie, me, Jenny
  5. Seeing dear friends Asha Dornfest, Anna Fader, and Julie Marsh who did not attend last year. I could spend a long weekend just talking with these fine ladies.
  6. Running in a sparkly-skirt-tutu through Times Square with Siel for the #tutusfortanner 5k (Worth noting: the run was one day earlier in reality than it was in my head, so I overdid it the night before. Seeing all the bloggers gather in the lobby wearing tutus while Tanner smiled nearby was the best excuse for only 4 hours sleep that I’ve had in a while!)
  7. Psyching up to organize the second season of Eat. Blog. Run. with Christine and Marie. Eating, blogging, and catching up after the run with some of my teammates.

    Eat Blog Run gals (minus Marie) me, Kari, Linsey, Christine, and Samantha
  8. Having a slumber party with the Social Luxe Lounge girls the night before their huge partay. I met Jyl Johnson Pattee (AKA Mom it Forward) for the first time by sharing a bed with her.
  9. Getting taken for a ride, literally, on a $63 pedicab ride with Whitney and Jyl. Frustrating at the time, but pretty funny after.

    Jyl, Whitney, me as seen by jerk pedicab driver
  10. Getting a blue-toed pedicure with my sister who lives in New York with her big baby.
  11. Test-driving a GMC Terrain with the family up to the Adirondacks.

    Terrain trunk filled with family vacation gear
  12. Leaving said family in the Adirondacks so I could have fun at the conference. My husband is awesome.
  13. Meeting people I’ve only known online.
  14. Taking a “bangs and glasses” picture of Whitney and Danielle.
  15. Wearing my new dress from Berkeley designer Lesley Evers and pretending I always dress like this. Since the stylish Lindsay Ferrier featured ME on her BlogHer fashion list, I guess I fooled her.
  16. Dancing on top of a cheeseburgher-bed with Alma and Wendy.
    cheeseburgher bed
  17. Pretending to eat the butt off a unicorn cake. {See picture from Wendy}
  18. Signing our book, The Rookie Mom’s Handbook, at the BlogHer bookstore next to Amy Wilson, Rita Arens, Carleen Brice, and Jan Sokoloff Harness (even if we sold only one book, it was to a very nice rookie-mom-to-be!).
  19. Sneaking off-campus for a low-key dinner with some friends, new and old.
    photo by wendy copley
  20. Meeting Meagan Francis (AKA The Happiest Mom), whom I was calling my sister from another mother because I totally wish we were related (and we kinda resemble each other).

    What do you think? Could we pass for sisters?
  21. Fantasizing about a future girls getaway weekend to Portland with Isabel. (I realize that sounds like I’m dreaming of running off with her, but the plans involved other girl bloggers in a calmer, less humid place.)
  22. Watching + cheering as a pregnant Kristen as she did the Running Man during the SparkleCorn party.
  23. Pretending that the Pillsbury Dough Boy was really played by the hard-working Liz Gumbinner because she vanished (and he appeared) right after being in this picture. Hmmm.

Overall, I had an amazing time. Reflecting on my original goals for the conference, I feel victorious that I flubbed only one item: I totally spaced on going to the Aiming Low party. I’m bummed not only because I heard it was awesome, but also because I feel such a kinship with their mission site name.

Ok, now that I revealed all my dorky, fan-girl experiences at BlogHer this year, won’t you please say something nice in the comments so I don’t feel so ridiculous. Thanks!


This was the fourth BlogHer Conference for me and Whitney. This year, we are grateful to the Huggies Every Little Bottom program for paying our travel and conference expenses (except for that crazy pedicab ride, of course!).