Because you’ve got your hands full

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This month on our column at giggle, we had two posts to show you how much we love and want to help — while still affirming that you’re already doing a great job following your own instincts.

As we gear up for more family trips, I shared 8 been-there-done-that tips for traveling with a toddler at the holidays.

Whitney wrote about the baby product she couldn’t live without. Wanna take a guess before clicking? I’ll give you 3 clues:

  1. Some babies require them.
  2. Others can’t stand them.
  3. You could make your own.

(Could that be anything? Hmmm)

For my shopping confession, I will share my unexpected affection for play food. Love the stuff! We have play food and dishes coming out the wazoo. I love the little wooden fruits and veggies held together with velcro that small hands can cut with the included knife. I reluctantly admit that each year, I prevent myself from buying or building a sweet play kitchen because I tell myself that my sons have daily access to them at preschool, but I can’t get enough of the miniature fake food. What is that about?