Because the Bloggess made me

Jenny the Bloggess is a rockstar. (Now I must warn you that I’ve already given you the most valuable link in this post.) She regularly does a weekly round-up of all the other bits and bobs she’s written around the Interwebs each week, and I wanted to try it for RookieMoms. Well, I tried it, and it is a big jumble of unrelated random links. There was no story. I felt like I was shoving URLs down your throat.

Then I tried to spice it up with real-life stories so it would feel like we were buddies just catching up. Now, I don’t know what I’ve written. Behold my collection of stuff not worth scrapbooking.

In real life:

Yesterday, my children were playing with this awesome 3D sidewalk chalk in front of our house. Sidewalk chalk is probably my favorite outdoor toy because I can just sit there rather than chasing a ball into the street. (Did I mention I’m pregnant?) The 3D glasses made it extra fascinating to enjoy each other’s creations float into the air. I had enough time between drawing a super rocket ship and some groovy circles to zone out completely.

Over the weekend, Whitney’s family visited friends and family in San Luis Obispo, CA. She told me that Julian’s Kindergarten teacher suggested he seek out the infamous Gumball Alley. Whitney hadn’t been there since she was a kid. Remembering the excitement she used to have for the place, she gave each member of her family a piece of gum to chew in the car, so that when they arrived they could add to the layers and layers of gum that the community has, um, saved there over the years. She claims that she plans to retrieve her piece this summer. Ewww. (I know, you’re judging me, not her.)

In other news, Whitney proved her BFF status by combing through my hair with the Terminator Nit/Lice comb to check for bugs, eggs, nits. She found nits. In my hair. We are no longer lice rookies. Our biggest tip to you: if you are going to send your kids to school ever, buy one of these magic combs now and have it on hand. May keeping it on a high shelf prevent any itchy bugs from entering your home.

On the retail therapy front, I am cautiously reporting that yesterday I spent an ungodly amount of money on a pair of AG maternity jeans. If they are not my favorite jeans for the next 12 to 18 months, I’m going to have a total fit. Remind me to tell you about the lessons of maternity jeans and premium denim another time.

On BabyCenter:
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So between the lice, the gum, and the warts, I hope I haven’t scared you off. Go ahead tell us your own gross story — it will make me feel better.

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