Back to preschool: wardrobe battles

Tell me, fellow parents, how do you get your kid to pose for those cute pictures in the cute outfits? Is there a candy bribe involved? Threats?

I’ve already mentioned my obsession with capturing that perfect back-to-school moment. Holden, though he wouldn’t let me take a picture, allowed me to dress him any which way I wanted. Thanks, kid. Milo, on the other hand, insisted on choosing his own mismatched clothes but he smiled at me for every picture. What’s the deal?

Milo is jumping for joy

I’m sure that some day, in the future, we’ll look back at his carefully chosen outfit (the red shorts he wants to wear every day, the loud brown shirt that doesn’t match, and the light-up shoes that tie the look together), and remember that this is the exact moment we were trying to capture.