Babycenter declares guilt-free week!

Can you feel it? Do you feel the relaxation of just having someone tell you that you can be guilt-free for a few days? If so, then you may be like me: a little too tightly wound, a little too likely to blame yourself for every little thing, basically a perfectionist that became a mom.

As soon as someone suggests that I stop feeling guilty all the time, I totally agree. That’s a great idea. I get it.

But doing it is hard. Which is why I read the book Mommy Guilt and studied it so hard.

Can you let go of your intensely high expectations of yourself, your kitchen, your kids, your wardrobe, your sense of style, your cooking, your hobbies, your sex-life and just chill the eff out? Ahhh, yeah, that’s the stuff.

Like I said, this guilt-free catharsis is going through March 4th. There’ll be working mom guilt, stay-at-home-mom guilt as well as that combo platter of part-time-working-mom guilt. I’ll confess how well I did in my effort for a guilt-free birthday party for Milo on Friday.

In the meantime, here are a few bloggers (who seem to have it all together) letting it hang out a bit more than usual:

Make your own guilt-free pledge
Let’s send guilt packing! Take the BabyCenter guilt-free pledge by finishing the sentence below and sharing with all of your friends. Fill in the blank: I won’t feel guilty about ____ @babycenter #guiltfreeweek (post here, twitter, facebook, the babycenter community, or on a little post-it in the inside of your medicine cabinet where you’ll remember)

Finally, On March 4, BabyCenter will close out Guilt-Free Parenting Week with an all-day party in its community, including prizes, games, and discussion around how to keep the spirit of Guilt-Free Parenting Week alive all year.

I’ll try to be there too, but I won’t beat myself up if I can’t make it. Know what I mean? I have some leftover birthday cake to eat.