3 photo opps for younger sibs: Capture the resemblance

Last week I saw a post with 25 ideas for scrapbook pages for your baby.  It reminded me to share three ideas with you for second children. We don’t want them totally neglected in the baby book department.


Holding a framed photo. My friend Emily snapped this picture of her baby boy Desmond at 6 months holding a picture of his big sis Etta when she was 6 months.  This is one of the many delights of having two children – the constant comparing and contrasting you can do.   (This adorable picture could be taken with of a rookie baby holding a baby picture of the parent she most resembles.)


In front of the computer. Digital photography means that we experience most of our pictures on a screen. Isn’t that representative of this generation of babies? In this photo, baby Milo is being compared to big brother Holden at the same age. Heather simply brought Holden’s one month-old picture up on the screen and held Milo in front of it, snapping another photo.


Who’s who? I put baby Scarlett in the same sweatshirt her big brother Julian had worn for his first ride in the baby swings. Same park, same hoodie, same milestone picture.  Am I setting her up for a lifetime in his shadow? Maybe. Anyhow, I then cropped the pictures similarly and put them in a grid. I sent it out to friends and family, inviting them to guess who was who.

Are you guys scrapbook-y? I’m not, but I think a well-done scrapbook page is beautiful. If you’re into it, check out Wendolonia and Hey Jen Renee. If you want to take a baby step towards this craftiness, try this list of Valentine’s Day projects. (Plenty of time to finish them if you start now).