Baby Fat Book review

We, Rookie Moms, tread lightly in the area of diet and exercise. We believe a new mom has enough adjustments and to-dos without also worrying about losing that last ten pounds.

That said, our regular readers might also know that when Milo turned two and people were still asking me when the baby was due, I motivated to get serious about weight loss.

The Baby Fat Diet did not make me lose the last ten pounds; however, I would not hesitate to recommend it to my new mom friends, sisters, or sisters-in-law who may be struggling to fit healthy eating habits into a chaotic life with a newborn.

baby fat diet bookThe Baby Fat Diet (a busy mom’s guide to losing weight and looking fabulous) is a handy book for parents trying to get a handle on love handles. The authors, both new moms and dietitians, speak in plain language and do not promise immediate results by eating only grapefruit or cookies (I actually did get a pitch for the all-cookie diet!).

Their suggestions are completely in-line with what I already believe and they understand the challenges of parenting small children. For example they totally *get* it that when your baby doesn’t finish what’s on his plate, mommy often does. One rookie mom told me today that she even eats what her son throws on the floor. Yikes.

Most helpful stuff for me:

  • A great meal plan with inspiration for snacks and quickie dinners
  • Lots of helpful tips for eating out (skip the huge ooey gooey sweet dessert and opt for deep dark chocolate in smaller portions)
  • Confirmation for some common sense rules we already follow at home and a big high-five for avoiding McDonald’s (so far)
  • Really good ideas for amping up the fun and calorie-burning within your regularly scheduled day

What didn’t I like?
Well, I don’t like having to deal with weight issues or think about diets at all. Period.

Once I get over myself and admit that I can use this guidance and help… I found the visual style and tone a little cutesie. It’s kinda not my style.

Bottom line
The advice is really sound and based on common sense. If you are struggling with healthy eating after having a baby, this is a good book for you.

A copy of this book was sent to me for my consideration and I read the whole dang thing.