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Loving on our (germy) local library {Rookie Moms Challenge #18}

July 30, 2014

Challenge # 18: Check out the Library is one of 52 challenges for new moms on this site. Easy peasy. After our previous Cruise Director meltdown, I felt sure that checking out the library would prove to be a walk in the park, literally. I am really lucky to live in a town with an […]

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My first attempt hiking with a baby {Rookie Moms Challenge #16}

June 27, 2014

I think of myself as a nature girl. I would say my friends think of me that way as well. Truth be told, I feel as though it has been 1,000 years since I’ve been outside. OK, I do check the mailbox every so often and try to walk down to Main Street once in a while. But […]

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The new mom challenge I didn’t want to do {Rookie Moms Challenge #17}

May 13, 2014

When I first discovered, it must have been by googling “What to do if you are a mom” at 3:45 AM. And hallelujah, the clouds parted. A list! A challenge! A saving grace! This would help me get back on track. This would help me figure out what to do with my new-momhood. This […]

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My amazing post-baby manicure {Rookie Moms Challenge #8}

April 11, 2014

Is it wrong that painting Riley’s feet had me skipping ahead directly to the mama-deserves-a-pedicure paint my own toes challenge? Well, it was truly out of my hands. It just happened to be my birthday and I was kidnapped by a friend who must be a mind reader. She treated me to a pedi AND […]

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My Creative Moms’ Night Out {Rookie Moms Challenge #10}

March 20, 2014

I have to thank the Rookie Moms, Heather and Whitney, for helping to break my creative slump. Sincerely, I could not be more grateful. What with all of this painting I have been doing, when faced with Rookie Moms Challenge #10 Plan a moms’ night out with some friends,  I was inspired to choose a […]

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Paint my baby’s footprint on a tile {Rookie Moms Challenge #6}

February 11, 2014

It’s amazing how “You haven’t done ______ with your baby yet?!” from even a passing bystander can sound a lot like “You are a failure as a mom”. Sheesh, talk about escalating quickly. In this case yes, it was “You haven’t done your baby’s footprints yet?!” which has caused me to lay awake many a […]

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