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6 really weird things I only do when I’m pregnant

March 11, 2014

I am about 30 weeks pregnant for the second time, and man, I have been doing some strange things. Luckily none of them is self-destructive or harmful, but I feel oddly compelled to share them in hopes I’m not alone. I’m not alone – right? 1. I have been obsessively eating ice. I can’t stop […]

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10 things I’ve learned from taking a toddler around the world

February 17, 2014

My son Laz is turning 2 in about a month, and so far he has made it to 10 countries–some of them twice. (One friend jokes that Laz’s blankie has more frequent flier miles than he, a 40-year-old man, does.) All of this adventuring is great fun but not without challenges – and the experience […]

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#pinterestFAIL Crafting with my niece

October 4, 2013

Have you seen all those cool DIY kids’ craft projects on Pinterest? Homemade flubber, moon dough, foam dough, glow fairies, glitter balloons, and the like? Well I have, and I’ve been dying to try some. I enlisted my 10-year-old niece Mitra to help me test some of them, and here are our (highly scientific) results. FOAM DOUGH The […]

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World travel is better with a toddler

September 10, 2013

Our friends, Karen and Ross, just returned from an amazing European escape with their toddler son, Laz. Skeptical that a trip with a rowdy one-year old could be relaxing, I asked her to share their story with us. I hope you like it as much as I do. Almost a year ago, I wrote a […]

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How we got our baby to stop standing up in the crib

April 19, 2013

This guest post is by my friend Karen from, about her son, Laz. We are among the lucky few who had a baby that slept through the night from a pretty early age. We didn’t really do anything to make it happen – but around 4 months old, our son just stopped waking up […]

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Be your own personal trainer

March 25, 2013

I’m pleased to present this guest post from our good friend and rookie mom, Karen, who invented her own way to get fit with a baby in the house: After I gave birth last year, I lost a lot of my baby weight pretty quickly without a huge amount of effort. I did a lot […]

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Does having kids mean you can’t have nice things?

February 18, 2013

Our good friend, Karen, always has the best taste in food, furnishings, and fun trips. We have been watching her rookie year of motherhood with great curiosity and interest. She agreed to share with us a few stories of how things are changing at their house in this guest post. Thanks, Karen (and ps your […]

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Traveling internationally is better with a baby

November 20, 2012

Our friends, Karen and Ross, just returned from an amazing voyage with their eight-month old. We begged for all the dirty details. Once Karen shared them with us, our new travel series for rookie moms was born. I hope you enjoy her trip and tips too. My husband and I are no strangers to adventure: […]

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The stuff a rookie mom needs

August 2, 2012

Our good friend and rookie mom, Karen, has advice for all new moms and moms-to-be. Wondering about the stuff you’ll need? Here are a few of her favorites from her first four months of motherhood. We didn’t ask her to include our book, but we’re touched that she did. I left in the advice she […]

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Kale chips for kids

October 26, 2010

Our friend (and everybody’s favorite auntie) has another recipe to share. This time it’s a side dish guaranteed to give you super powers: kale chips! Holden, age 5, and I can eat a whole batch ourselves. Too bad 3-year old Milo won’t touch ‘em. In my numerous forays into learning about good nutrition, there is […]

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Taco night, a new weekly tradition

September 28, 2010

One of my favorite dinners as a kid was taco night, where everyone got to make their own tacos from a buffet of filling choices. When you’re a kid, people are always telling you what you can and can’t do or what you should and shouldn’t eat. Taco night is autonomy. It’s freedom from authority. […]

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Gingered Indian Salmon, the easy way

September 16, 2010

This recipe utilizes one of my favorite kitchen cheats, er, techniques- the marinade and the sauce are one and the same, applied differently. Essentially you put some a couple seasonings in a food processor with some yogurt and use half of the mixture for the marinade while reserving half for the sauce. The salmon cooks […]

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