Baby and toddler activities in Myrtle Beach, SC

Activities for babies and toddlers in Myrtle Beach, SC

Stacie from the site formerly known as offered to share with us a week’s worth of favorite baby and toddler activities in her hometown of Myrtle Beach, SC. Thank you Stacie! As a mom of four little ones, she knows the local hotspots and places to avoid.

She tells us: Myrtle Beach is often referred to as family vacation land. There is way too much to do here.

This guide is designed to give you the best of the tourist attractions, while also pointing you in the direction of some lesser known local favorites. Enjoy the best of the East coast and low country charm of South Carolina!

Monday: Beach Day!
Try going at the beginning of the week, and maybe you’ll like it so much you will come back another day. If you’re looking for a less crowded area, try one of the public beach access points–head North on Ocean Blvd starting at 48th Ave N. Even your littlest one can enjoy the sound of the waves and the constant breeze you’ll find at the beach. Not to mention hours of fun for a toddler digging in the sand and jumping waves as they wash in. We have to drag our children away when it’s time to go home. Have lunch at Ultimate California Pizza (2500 N Kings Hwy).

Tuesday: Library
Baby Storytime at Chapin Memorial Library (10:00 AM). For details call Sue Ellen or Jen at 843 918-1275. They have a large outdoor playground too. Have lunch at Magnolia’s, a much-loved favorite among locals and tourists (2605 N Ocean Blvd.)

[Read more...]

Instagram vs. Real Life for moms

Inspired by a very funny recent post on Bustle, a few of us wanted to share the maternal version of What I instagrammed vs. What was really happening or my entire life is a lie. For better or worse, we could go on all day like this!

What you saw from @mommyprojectSD

Instagram vs real life by @mommyprojectsd
Trend setter. #babystyle #skinnyjeans #sparklyshoes

Beautiful baby girl posing perfectly for a photo showing her cute new bow, sparkly shoes and very trendy skinny jeans. This baby is so stylish and is always dressed in trendy baby gear. What a little model in the making!

What was actually happening
Blake HATES anything on her head or feet so capturing this moment with a huge bow on her head and the sparkly shoes (both) on her feet at the same time was quite the task. During the “shoot” she kept yanking her bow off, kicking her feet and flinging the shoes in every direction. Most of the shots that I was able to capture, her feet were moving so fast that they were just tiny blurs of pink in the photo. I literally took 39 pictures before finally getting this one where she was looking at the camera and you can see her sparkly shoes. Also, during the shoot she had a major blowout and let’s just say, the “skinny jeans” took the brunt of that one. All in all she was in this outfit for about 3 minutes. Isn’t it cute? :)

What Jen ‘grammed
Instagram vs real life by aSplendidMessyLife

Ah, Christmas morning! The Christmas glow and spirit is upon my son. Our Christmas tree is so beautiful that he looks up in wonder as he admires an ornament. Look how well-behaved he is by the tree.

What really happened
Probably about to rip off the one valuable ornament I forgot to put above his little reach. It’s a shot of the back of his head because he was wicked sick the day I took this picture and has snot all over his nose. Nonetheless, I thought I had a nanosecond to try and recreate this picture from Pinterest (as long as I added the right filter). Also, he was in his pyjamas because he wasn’t feeling well, and it wasn’t taken on Christmas morning.

See more Instagram Vs. real life from Jen on My Splendid Messy Life >

What @rookiewhitney showed you

Instagram vs real life by @rookiewhitney
Happiness is making poolside friends on vacation. BYO Chinese Jump Rope.

The whole story
Five minutes earlier: my daughter spies these same age girls at the pool. She wants to play with them. She wants them to want her. There is so much wanting going on here and she hangs on my body whining and whispering and rejecting every suggestion I make for how to start playing with these sisters. I really want her to make poolside friends so I can read my Kindle. That’s what this vacation is for. I nudge her to smile and make eye contact as a start. Why is this so hard? They are not the Kardashians. Now I have to play Chinese jump rope with her, my boobs bouncing out of my bathing suit as I jump on the concrete. I am not seven, which is apparent to everyone who is watching my skin jiggle with each bounce on the pavement. I am sweaty because we are in Mexico and my daughter is plastered to me. Wait, she’s moving away.

They are playing and it is adorable. It is vacation magic. I’m going to read now. After I check my phone.

I want to share a picture but I’m too embarrassed to ask the other parents if I can post their kids on Instagram. I crop off their heads.

What I, @rookieheather, shared

Instagram vs real life on Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day from the top of the Bay Area

What I’m thinking
Can you see the coffee and juice that splattered my dress five minutes earlier? Is that guy going to steal my phone? Why’s he taking so many pictures? Does my arm look fat?

After — literally — hiking uphill both ways to and from this special Marin County breakfast spot, I lost count of the frustrations and the Are We There Yets. I laughed when two of the meals blew over onto my clothes. I let most of the sibling bickering roll off my back. But, dammit, we were going to have a picture!

When I look at this photo, I see the rest of my family happy and relaxed; they are beautiful and I love them so. But I see so much irritation on my own face, I wish I weren’t in it. I needn’t have worried so much though: No, he didn’t steal my camera and it is easy to crop out a floppy arm.

We showed you ours, now you show us yours! Share us your favorite instagram vs. real life pictures in the comments.

Another crazy experiment in potty training

Tie-dye toddler undies | how and whyUgh. We are not THERE yet. We are so close. In fact, 12 months ago, I thought we were super duper ticking-time-bomb close because my not-yet-two-year old was so interested in pooping in the potty. Fast forward a year and he’s still quite interested in #2 because he gets to trade $h1# for candy. But peeing is boring and takes him away from playing, so we haven’t advanced to undies from diapers.

When I wanted to do a tie-dye party, I decided to dye his plain gerber training pants and make them more fun and exciting. Because why not?

I prefer these super absorbent undies because they keep more liquid in (and less on my floor) and also help the child feel wet when he’s peed. Win/win. But they’re boring as heck. So, if your child wants character pull-ups, these are lame in comparison.

My ingredients:

Following the instructions on Wendolonia for tie dye, I started off by trying to make brilliant swirly patterns and designs. After my second sangria, I just let my kid spray the squirt-bottles all over and tried to steer clear of getting any colors on my skin and clothes.

Tie-dye toddler undies | how and why

And our results!

Tie-dye toddler undies | how and whyThough I felt silly doing this — hence the sangria — there are two reasons why I think it is a good enough idea to share and replicate:

  1. high-quality training undies are now personalized and fun
  2. tie-dye hides stains (‘nuf said)

It’s too soon to say whether these are the magic missing piece to get my son to pee in the potty, but he was asking about them this morning, and self-motivation is the true key ingredient.

[See also a Control Freak's Guide to Potty Training and 5 Crazy potty training experiments worth trying]

Good luck and for the love of your furniture, don’t do this in the house, I already told you how I feel about food coloring and toddlers!

My very strong opinions about kids’ backpacks

Back to school shopping. Ugh. As I walk through Target and see the many character-themed backpacks trying into leap in my shopping cart, I remember why I must make this journey alone. Back-to-school shopping is no place for kids. Alluring as my sons might find these school bags, they will never come home with us.

I insist on purchasing high quality backpacks only. REI, Lands’ End, Eastpak, L.L. Bean, Jansport, I’m looking at you.

Buying a sturdy back pack means two important things.

  1. It will last longer. Duh.
  2. But if it doesn’t, it will be repaired or replaced for the lifetime of the backpack. As in, never buy another backpack again!!

So the $30 to $50 you spend on a good strong pack will more than make up for the annual purchase of a $20 crappy-zipper, break-before-the-year-is-out school bag. Though my cheap gene shudders at paying nearly $50 for a kid’s backpack, I know it will withstand many years worth of aggressive treatment.

My kids are going into fourth and second grades this year and their backpacks are not being replaced. That’s it. That’s all I wanted to tell you.

Sounds too boring? If your child still wants to personalize, there are many ways to make a plain pack seem more childish childlike: glowing zipper jewelry, mini-me felt patches, labels and stickers, dogtags, printable star wars tags (free from Amy Locurto), or all of the above.

Here are a few picks of high-quality backpacks (that I hope do not fall victim to the blogging curse of breaking because I said nice things about them). [Read more...]

Activity #26: Count your steps

RookieMoms Challenge 26: Track your activity

Your 26th weekly challenge is to invest in a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps each day. You’ll be surprised how many steps a mom can take just running around the house, but if you’re going to reach 10,000, you’ll need to take a walk outside for sure. This is good motivation to get some fresh air.

Both Whitney and I enjoy tracking things and counting steps has been an on and off obsession over the past years. One day, I called her and said something ridiculous like, “I hope you don’t want to do anything with me before Baby Brigade because I walked 17,000 steps today so I’ll be on the couch.” Being in the middle of my maternity leave, I thought this was a totally normal thing to say.Omron pocket pedometer is one way to count your steps #rookiemoms

Whit recommends the Omron pedometer (their best seller is only about $40 but this basic one is only $17) which has a memory function that lets you look at the past 7 days worth of data. Additionally, it tracks both your total daily steps and your aerobic steps, or those that were part of a 10 minute or more walk. We’ve also amped up the geekery by having the Fitbit activity monitor and Misfit Shine monitor (both also track sleep!), and the Nintendo DS pedometer nugget. The monitors cost about $99 and track calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled in addition to sleep quality.

Do you, would you, could you count your steps?! Let us know we’re not alone!

Who doesn’t like yoga pants and wine? (sponsored)

This post was sponsored by Eppa SupraFruta Sangria and Soybu (who offers a discount below)

My real life is not as glamorous as all this. While I haven’t decided how much to share about the BlogHer conference I attended over the weekend because I’m never sure how much you guys care about behind-the-scenes stuff — though perhaps you would like to hear about me being shoved out of the way by Rev Run from Run DMC or asking a question about motherhood to Kerry Washington in front of a large crowd — I figured we could all relate to the universal favorites of moms everywhere: yoga pants and wine!

The conference kicked off at the NamastEPPA Sangria Sundown Soiree, a yoga-themed cocktail party on BlogHer Eve. It was hosted by Heather Barmore, Jenny Ingram, Heather Spohr, and Morgan Shanahan, with Lucrecer Braxton taking photos.

NamastEPPA party, organic sangria is yummy, OM

Jenny, Lucrecer, Morgan, Heather, and Heather

While bloggers were mingling, yoga poses were being struck. The sun was shining (ok, blazing!) and refreshing sangria was pouring down through a mega-cool block of ice to reach the perfect temperature. I now want this ice thingie for Mother’s Day or Christmas if that’s possible, ok?

NamastEPPA party, organic sangria is yummy, OM

Can I add this to my amazon wishlist?

My favorite of the flavors is Eppa Red made with a blend of pomegranate, acai, blueberry & blood orange. My date, Wendy, preferred the Eppa White with peach, mango, mangosteen & blood orange. Apparently Eppa Sangria has 2x the antioxidants of red wine and 3x the antioxidants of white wine. So there’s that. Available at Whole Foods nationwide.

NamastEPPA party, organic sangria is yummy, OM

Selfie-style with beverages out of view. So classy.

What to do with your bottle of EPPA Sangria?

  • Host a Sangria sipping party in your backyard with other mom friends
  • Binge-watch a new-to-you TV show with your partner
  • Enjoy your summer dinner just a little bit more (does this serving of fruit count as a vegetable? yes, yes it does I am not qualified to answer)

True story. A few weeks ago I invited friends to my backyard for a summery backyard meal. I offered to make sangria — because, you know, over-achiever — and spent nearly an hour looking up recipes, finding a big enough pitcher, sourcing ingredients, chopping fruit, before chilling for an additional four hours. Frankly, I would have much rather twisted open a bottle of EPPA sangria made with all organic fruit juices and then just enjoyed the party. Now I know.

And now for that deal on yoga apparel. Visit Soybu, check out the activewear (including the dress I’m wearing below and everything the bloggers are wearing in the top photo above), and use code #NamastEPPA for 25% off. Limit of one coupon per household. Valid through Sept. 24, 2014.

NamastEPPA party, organic sangria is yummy, OM

This comfy dress is totally made from yoga pants material

[Photos by Farrah Braniff (first two), Heather Flett, and Wendy Copley]

This is a sponsored post: I received product and compensation from One2One Network. Always drink responsibly.

Tech Tuesday: How I get out the door faster with Shoe Time Music

I have tried many things to make mornings run smoother in my house — especially school days — like reconfiguring my kitchen so kids can make their own breakfasts, making lunches the night before, and choosing clothes a week in advance.

One of our more successful family hacks is an alarm set to kid-approved music that tells us when it’s time to leave the house. We use a SONOS speaker that alerts us ten minutes before we need to leave, but any cheap musical alarm clock will work for this. When the music plays, we all drop what we’re doing and report to the backpacks and shoes area get ready to leave.

How to get shoes on and kids out the door with no yelling

This trick radically improves the need to remind or raise my voice to get action because the music just keeps on playing without me saying a word. (For kids upstairs, we will often yell “SHOE TIME” once but after that, they know the drill.)

Music plays for about 15 minutes and if we’re still home, then I raise my voice and act crazy. But that only happens about 2% of the time so I’d say we’ve found a good trick.

Would this work in your house?

Activity #25: Host an ugly baby (clothes) contest

Host an ugly baby clothes contest

Dress up your baby in the worst, ugliest gift outfit and invite over some other poorly dressed babies for a costume party and ugly-clothing contest. Dorky gifts, ratty hand-me-downs, and hopeless mismatches can finally have their day.

Try not to be offended if your idea of cutest-outfit-ever winds up on one of the other models. Cute is completely in the eye of the beholder here. See also What Not To Wear: Baby Edition.

My brother in the 70s is an unwitting model for ugly baby clothesMy brother Chad (pictured above) models something from the mid-seventies in the hopes that I won’t offend any of YOU with my idea of ugly. I actually think he’s pretty adorable here anyway.

Take lots of pictures, but be careful who sees them!

This is your 25th challenge. Have you done this yet? Share your story and pictures.

  • Comment below and spill the details.
  • Share a picture with us on Facebook or instagram tagged #rookiemoms.

Star Wars birthday party ideas on a budget

Cheap Star Wars Birthday Party ideas

What’s the difference between a third child and a first child? The first child has a “Star Wars fourth birthday party” and he’s never seen Star Wars. The third child can hum along the Clone Wars theme song before he can even speak.

With a new Star Wars movie on the horizon and Clone Wars available on Netflix, our children will be battling with lightsabers into the foreseeable future. Since I’m both a big cheapskate and a big fan, I wanted to round up some of my favorite birthday party inspiration. Here’s my take on The Perfect Star Wars Birthday Party on a budget!

Step One: Choose a sub-theme. I’m not kidding. There are so many directions in which to steer your party. Examples below.

Step Two: Pick your activities. Truly any of the activities can be mixed and matched into the different themes. Give some thought to where your party will be and work from there. In your own house? In your backyard? At the park? Celebrate your constraints because they give you boundaries to what would otherwise be a limitless universe of choice.

Step Three: Tie in the decor and food. Once you’ve picked your theme and manageable activities, tie it all together with food and decor. For low-cost decor items, work with what you already have. I have a funky tin lunchbox, an R2D2 mobile, and Darth Tater already, so I’ll start there. You could feature a Millennium Falcon piñata or decorate with any toys from around the house. Print out large character masks or just hang up your tee-shirt collection. Anything goes! ps For a Star Wars party on a budget, your next step is to find printables.

Star Wars birthday party themes (on a budget)

Clone Wars:

The modern take on Star Wars includes cartoon characters your kids know but you probably don’t. Yes, there’s Yoda but no Darth Vader. Your party favors are these temporary tattoos. And, yes, lots of lightsabers!

To eat:

Fruit lightsaber skewers are a healthy Star Wars birthday party treat. Wooden skewer + duct tape handle + Sharpie = adorable fruit sabers.

Fruit lightsaber skewers are a healthy Star Wars birthday party treat
(source: Can you guys help me track the source down?)

Your birthday dessert are thees flipping-awesome clone trooper cupcakes (below). These clone trooper cupcakes from Maija Moments are easy enough that I could do them. Customize your jumbo marshmallow with food-safe markers to be clone troopers (or storm troopers with a slightly different design). And done! Optional extra, she gave each child a birthday candle in their cupcake for wish-making and to head off any lightsaber envy.

Storm / Clone trooper cupcakes by Maija Moments

To do:

Padawan Lightsaber lessons — You can teach choreographed lightsaber fighting moves based on your own knowledge or a quick youtube search for fencing 101. Invite a Clone Wars villain to come and give the children a turn at dueling (Not Vader, ok? He’s still a good guy). See these examples from

Princess party:

Princess Leia and Queen Amidala commingle with ladies in waiting (perfect for your not-so-girlie girl!) doing battle, hunting for treasure, fabricating their colorful costumes. Mom should definitely wear this cinnabon wig. This party is crafty and kicks butt.

To do:

To amp up the glamour, Ashleigh gave the girls spa treatments before meeting a Princess Leia impersonator and dueling outside. I think this is soooo cute. About as close to this as I can get is painting my son’s toenails Elsa blue (outside, of course!).

Star Wars glamorous birthday party with Princess Leia

Pin the {hair bun / lightsaber / jet pack } on the {Princess / Sith Lord / Bounty Hunter} — In my experience, this game takes about 4 minutes and many kids are surprisingly freaked out by the blindfold, so don’t let this be your only activity.

Amy Friend from During Quiet Time made this Pin the hair bun on Princess Leia for her daughter’s party and created a C3P0 mask to cover the kids’ eyes.

Princess Leia Star Wars Birthday Party

Teresa from Capturing the Days another (easier?) version of this game. Marie from MakeandTakes created this Pin the Lightsaber on the Jedi for her Star Wars party using a picture she already had and a few colored slips of paper.

Classic Star Wars:

All the best characters from your own childhood, your mission is to destroy the Death Star piñata, your children will drink blue milk, and Yoda knows everything. Kids Padawans can decorate lightsabers and learn sweet fighting moves.

To do:

Lightsaber creation and battles — My pal, Wendy, turned me on to the idea of turning pool noodles into lightsabers with a little duct tape and some SUPER STRONG scissors. For best results (and cheapest execution) cut them all the way in half. Let kids bash each other’s heads with the weapons or work together to keep a balloon off the ground. OUTDOOR.

Light sabers from pool noodles by wendolonia
photo courtesy of Wendy Copley,


Jedi Training course — my go-to activity is a Dagobah-inspired obstacle course that can involve whatever obstacles you have on hand.

To eat:

Designer and mom, Kristy from Libbie Grove Design, made very cute authentic badass Star Wars printables for her son’s party and happily shares them with you. Her selection includes food labels, Jedi Knight certificates, and more!

Vader Veggies, printable by Libbie Grove

An easy (enough for me) alternative to cake-baking is cupcakes arranged as a lightsaber. I love that Stacie Ann Smith fulfilled her son’s wish for a double-lightsaber this way.

Light saber cupcakes


I can’t stop, won’t stop!

Like I said, the themes are limitless. Now that all the dudes are LEGO’fied, any story arc goes with a LEGO Star Wars theme. This works especially well for younger ones. Coloring sheets make easy placemats and can keep preschoolers occupied while you set up other activities.

What about Bounty Hunters? Think space-age pirate party. For kids too cool for the traditional themes, do it up with Boba and/or Jango Fett with some sort of scavenger hunt. A Boba Fett helmet (or a jetpack) is essential to this party (I hope you can find a good deal on one).

These are the Droids you’re looking for! Build-your-own robots with cardboard boxes and lots of tape.

Other stuff: For plates and napkins, I strongly suggest buying a solid color to match with the rest of your decor. Sure, I’m lucky to have all boys, but I also find my ample collection of blue napkins works for Father’s Day and Hannukah.  You could also pick up just a few thematic plates to serve the dessert.

When I settle into following my own advice and hosting my next Star Wars party, I’ll share my pictures.


Get kids to listen without yelling {FREE class}

We are so happy to tell you that we have partnered with Amy McCready’s company Positive Parenting Solutions to bring a free webinar to you guys on the topic of getting kids to listen – without nagging or yelling. The format includes Amy presenting material and a live chat session where we can all ask questions in real time.

We have taken a similar online parenting class with Amy in the past and both really enjoyed it. The last time, we were sitting in a web-enabled playspace — the day before I gave birth to Sawyer — watching Scarlett and Milo go crazy in a day-glo foam pit, so it is time for a refresher course. Each time, I feel empowered with new ideas for positive discipline solutions (and a commitment to stop yelling completely. Ahem.).

Get kids to listen without nagging
This valuable class will take place online on July 29 at 10 AM Pacific (that’s 1PM Eastern for some of you).
Parents of kids ages 2½ – 16 will learn:

  • why kids really misbehave — it’s probably not what you think!
  • how your personality may actually fuel misbehavior
  • the 5 R’s of Fair & Effective Consequences so kids listen the first time you ask
  • training resources to reduce your parenting stress & stop nagging, reminding & yelling

Here’s how the webinar works:

  • Sign up here to be reminded when it’s about to start.
  • Sit in front of your computer to watch and listen to the presentation.
  • Come as you are;  no one will see you.
  • Type questions whenever you have them and Amy will respond when possible.

Whitney and I will be in on the class as well, asking questions alongside you.

Click here to join us.

+++ Taking the class is free to you; Amy offers deeper courses for a fee if you’re interested. We have an affiliate relationship with Positive Parenting Solutions.

Activity #24: Be a tourist in your own town

Today’s challenge is to strap on your fanny pack and be a tourist in your own town with your little sidekick. Ok, I’m kidding about the fanny pack. But how about you two go somewhere only the visitors ever enjoy?

Maternity leave challenge: be a tourist with your baby #rookiemomsIf you’ve never taken the time to see your hometown’s greatest hits, choose a destination and make a day of it. Can you plunk your baby at the foot of a famous statue or seek out the most famous landmark for a cute commemorative photo?

Baby Julian is heading for the Golden Gate Bridge in the photo above. See it? Classic Bay Area.

Maternity leave challenge: be a tourist with your baby #rookiemoms
This is your 24th challenge. Did you complete this challenge? Share your story and pictures.

  • Comment below and spill the details.
  • Instagram your destination and share it using #rookiemoms
  • Share a picture with us on Facebook.

Related activity: Document your baby’s birthplace

STITCH FIX delivers current clothing to lazy moms

I’m pretty sure that STITCH FIX was invented just for me. Since it started in the Bay Area, it is highly possible that someone overheard my weird clothes-shopping peculiarities in some coffee shop and launched it into a startup. That really happens out here.

The deal is that real-life human stylists create a box of 5 items based on my style preferences, a questionnaire, what’s fashionable, and a sprinkling of Pinterest. Each month, I receive a new *fix* in the mail, then I try to take selfies and get my friends to democratically decide what to keep and what to return. I only pay for what I keep — but there is a major 25% incentive if I keep everything.

Stitch Fix is a subscription service to cute clothes

I can’t decide if I love it, but I have been having so much fun. This is what I’ve been sent so far in my three fixes.

Stitch Fix for moms

My first STITCH FIX box was so exciting to open but, ultimately, unfulfilling. I was hoping my friends would go crazy for this bold new dress (#4) but nobody on facebook liked it at all. I wanted to keep top #3 but I could barely move my shoulders. I threw in my own shirt as a #5 decoy and several friends told me to return it. I kept the pants in #2 but instantly regretted it. The necklace was so not-my-style (NMS), I didn’t even photograph it.

I also discovered that my mirror is really dusty.

The second STITCH FIX was better in that I kept more stuff. But it was worse in that I spent real money. This is a dangerous game.

Stitch Fix is a subscription service to cute clothes


I liked dress #1 and tried to “stack the deck” by smiling in the picture. Then I realized that I don’t know how to photograph my face AND the clothes, so I gave up on that. I kept top #2 despite mixed reviews (and I have to wear it with a girdle to keep it flat). Necklace #3 is so cute but I haven’t worn it yet. Top #4 is heinous with my skin tone and I don’t care if you like it. Finally, even though I think it’s cute, blouse #5 is too shapeless to ever make it past my husband.

And then I just kept rolling the dice. I had heard from reliable people that the “third fix is the charm.” Obviously this is a subjective game we’re playing.

Stitch Fix is a subscription service to cute clothes

I got excited when I saw the polka dots but that’s because I have so many navy and white polka dots, I could wear nothing else for an entire week — pass. Blouse B is current, but the color and style makes me want to puke. Me in orange? Yuck! Blouse C was a fun pick that I would have never chosen for myself. I put on a fancy gray work skirt and felt like a professional. Then I grabbed the next thing in the pile and it was a pair of red skinny jeans; I also untucked the blouse for a wild and crazy look. Ding, ding, ding. My panel of voters said that this was the winning look. Nevermind that I was wearing my own red pixie pants in photo A. And nobody cared about the dress, so I saved myself some money and only kept Blouse C.

Stitch Fix might be for you if:

  • you hate shopping or you have no time for it
  • you want to be cute and trendy but don’t know how

It might not be for you if:

  • you love shopping and would miss picking out your own clothes – Whitney!
  • you have super specific tastes and a uniform already

So far, I’m still having fun and can’t quit. I feel like I’m receiving a very special present and have license to return it without hurting the gift-giver’s feelings. My next fix is due to arrive on August 5th.

What do you think?

Do YOU want to try Stitch Fix? If you’d like to get a pile of clothes in the mail, click here to start the sign-up process.

Have you tried this or another service like it? I’m always looking for next easy thing! If you’re more like Whitney and LOVE shopping, STITCH FIX hires SAHMs (among others) to be their stylists, check out 7 flexible jobs for stay-at-home moms.


Not sponsored but if you join via my referral link, I may score some bonus clothes.