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Heather & Whitney

Who’s Karen?

October 16, 2007

We have a friend. She’s cool — you’d like her. She has a funny food blog >> lifestyles of the carnivorous & fabulous. Karen’s not a mom but a really cool auntie and when she stumbles upon quirky products or fun activities for little kids and babies, she shares them with us.

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Eight things about me (Whitney)

August 22, 2007

Angela White of A Nice Cup of Lizard has tagged me to join in the “8 Random Facts About Me” meme. I asked her for an extension immediately since I have a tiny baby to take care of, but since both my kids are asleep right now, it turns out I have time to write. […]

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How not to talk to your kids

April 14, 2007

I read about this study on Mom-101 (during a middle of the night feeding) and considered it… how do you praise your child for his efforts and not his talents? Hmmm, sounds hard. Today I read it in its entirety and consider this piece from NY Magazine required reading in my house: The Power (and […]

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