Tech Tuesday: Use an app to save kid art

My kindergartner is the most prolific artist in the house. Allow me to present to you five from his recent series of monsters and beasts (incredibly adorable until you realize that they’re all holding weapons and shooting poison from their spiky appendages).

Kid art: too precious to toss, too much of it to keep!I really love all most of what he creates but I can’t possibly store all his artwork. I mean, really, we only have so much wall and shelf space.

Enter the kid art storage app!

I started using Artkive to manage our ever-growing art collection earlier this year at the recommendation of CoolMomTech. It really works for me. I photograph each drawing right into the app and then categorize it by artist, schoolyear, and date. From there, I can make custom digital or printed albums. It also lets me share among circles of his interested art fans.

Artkive: manages kid art collections within iPhone app

I’m already grateful to have a place to put sweet little recyclables like this toddler masterpiece from Sawyer; I might feel nostalgic for it if I tossed it out.

Toddler artwork, too sweet to toss out

Wait. Is that upside-down?

I have heard of other apps worth trying out: Art My Kid Made (check out this review on cnet) and Evernote (which I hear does everything but I haven’t figured it out yet), but I’m pretty satisfied with the features on Artkive.

Find ArtKive for FREE on iTunes.

What’s your strategy for saving and organizing kid art? I’ll share some non-app ideas in another post.