Anyone hosting Thanksgiving? Help me help you.

My extended family all lives on the East Coast, and, while I lament the agony of traveling out there (from Berkeley, CA) with two little ones, it’s not super easy to host either. The year Holden was 7 months old, and my family came to town, I remember spending most of the day in a cold sweat over the timing or execution of some important side dish (and brining that huge bird in a toy box in the fridge).

If you have a baby and you’re hosting a huge meal this year, might I be so bold as to suggest pre-ordering all your side dishes (and maybe even the turkey!) from Whole Foods? I figured that the money we saved on not traveling could be poured into making the meal easier.

I just did it and it feels so good! Now my MIL can have her way with the kitchen, help or not help, and the basics are handled.

Check it out:

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