An app I really wish I had when I was a rookie mom

You know all those cute photo series of babies that clever parents take, showing how they grow over months or weeks? Our friend Karen is doing one like that. Here are the first five months of her baby’s growth:

Pretty clever, you must agree. The rest of us usually complain that we are not organized enough. We forget. We see time-lapse photos of babies growing into people on the Interwebz and turn green with envy.

Well, iPhone owners, there is an app for that. (That being an app that helps you take a consistent series of photos, not an app that helps direct your jealousy at legitimate sources.)

Pictosaur can remind you every week or month. But obviously you could set a reminder on your calendar. Here’s the real genius of this app:

After taking or adding an initial photo to Pictosaur, a transparent line drawing – the Outline Overlay – is generated from the photo as a guide for aligning scale and distance when snapping later pictures. The Outline Overlay, in combination with gyroscope and accelerometer data displayed with an onscreen “Lil’ Dot” marker, gives the user assurance that they are holding their device at exactly the same angle as the previous photo.

Here’s a demo of how it all works.

What do you think? Could it help you achieve month-by-month photos of your baby or week-by-week of your pregnancy? Or maybe year-by-year of your partner’s hair loss? (Kidding!)