American Apparel lets me create a sweatshop-free swaddle

When American Apparel first opened their stores, some of my friends and I became overly enthusiastic about the solid-colored, logo-free clothes that were suddenly everywhere for a reasonable price. My friend and boss Darci turned me on to their multi-purpose scarf, a long piece of jersey fabric that can be worn as a scarf, headwrap, belt, mini skirt, or halter top if you are super slutty, for $15.00. I loved hers when I saw it and bought one right away.

Yesterday I panicked when I realized Scarlett was ready for a nap but all of our swaddling blankets were in the laundry. I dug through my drawer to find the never-worn but theoretically wonderful American Apparel scarf, laid her on my bed and wrapped her arms down to her sides. She stared quietly at me and then went to sleep. Not! But she did sleep after I came back in the room and sang in her ear while rocking the pack and play mattress.

newborn swaddled in american apparel