Amana Washer Dryer (giveaway closed)

My laundry room is sort of a mud room, which is a term I only recently learned from getting older and having friends with larger houses. The photo on the left is an example from my dear friend Martha Stewart, whose home to which I have been invited less than once.

A mud room is where you are supposed to come in and take off your shoes, but the location of mine, far from a door we actually use to enter the house, doesn’t work for that. However the floor usually has a light layer of mud on it, due to it’s backyard access, so let’s call it the mud(dy) room. And let’s not insert a picture of it in this post.

My washing machine and her twin sister Dryer live in this muddy room and so do a handful of laundry baskets, garden tools, cleaning supplies, stinky running shoes, beach chairs, and outdoor toys. As you can imagine, whenever Martha comes over, she simply cannot bear to look at this pile of nonsense. Or at anything else in the house.

When we were invited to participate in this super awesome giveaway which will allow you to enter to win a brand new washer/dryer set, I accepted the offer to receive my own set last month. Instead of being super gracious to Rachael, who arranged the delivery for me, the first thing I told her was that I was disappointed that my laundry room was still disgusting. I mistakenly believed adding a sparkling set of appliances would brighten up the room and place me right in the middle of a Pottery Barn catalog. What it did instead was highlight how dingy that room is.

So now I want to thank Rachael, because a) she’s awesome and my mess is not her fault, and b) my laundry room is extremely efficient these days.

The first reason it’s so efficient is because my husband stays on top of the laundry like nobody’s business; the second is due to the features of the Amana washer and dryer. When you start a load, it does what sounds like a super high-tech scan of the mass of dirty clothes you’ve thrown inside. It’s what’s called a “low-water wash system”, and it uses the minimum resources required to wash the clothes. Same goes for the dryer: magical sensors monitor temperature, automatically stopping the cycle when fabrics are dry, which means both less energy consumed and less shrinkage of clothes.

The contest is now over but HUGE thanks to the Whirlpool Corporation, specifically the Amana brand, and Today’s Mama for sponsoring this promotion and putting the giveaway together!)

This giveaway is administered by Today’s Mama, who will be selecting and notifying the winner as well as making sure the prize gets delivered.