Boys club interview: Amalah, mom of 3

Amy Corbett Storch is the mom of three little guys living in the DC area and a busy blogger for, mamapop, and alphamom among others. In addition to writing about realistic post-partum outings, she also said she liked our book once in her cool pregnancy countdown. I love what she shared in this profile of her life in a boy-centered house as part of our Rookie Moms Boys Club.

What are the names and ages of your children?
Noah, just turned 7, Ezra, just turned 4, and Ike is 17 months. We live in Maryland, just outside DC.

What has most surprised you about being a boy mom?
How crazy affectionate and loving they are! You hear stories about boys being all spastic energy who think girls/kissing is “gross” and would rather beat on everything, but all of my boys are cuddly snugglers who want hugs, kisses and physical affection from me (and their dad) all the time. It’s awesome.

What is the most fun thing about being a boy mom right now?
Being with all three of them together, seeing how much they look like brothers while each being completely unique little people.

What is the hardest thing about being a boy mom right now?
I doubt this is strictly a “boy thing,” but man, they fight a lot. They are ALWAYS antagonizing each other and even fun playtime escalates into someone getting hurt sooooo fast these days.

Also, the clutter level in my house is ridiculous. I swear they all just walk around leaving a never-ending toy and junk trail behind them, like slugs.

What do you do to stay girlie in a house of boys?
Around the house I’m usually in jeans and no makeup, but whenever we’re heading out — even if it’s just to the super family-friendly pizza place — I usually will wear a dress and ALWAYS do my hair and makeup. Cute shoes, lots of big fun jewelry (bonus because it amuses the baby), etc.

That’s always been the extent of my girlie-ness, though. I have the taste, interests and humor of a 12-year-old boy otherwise.

Do you have any tips to share?
For me, going from one boy to two was WAY harder than going from two to three. We more or less kept doing everything we were doing before, just hauling a newborn in a sling everywhere like it was no big deal. (I also learned to streamline my diaper bag to only the bare essentials.) It’s a bit of a game-changer when the third baby started walking, but since we were pretty good about not becoming new-baby hermits earlier, it wasn’t quite the shock it would have been to suddenly be attempting trips and outings with SO MANY FULLY-FORMED CHILDREN.

Also: date nights. We gotta have our date nights.

Is there another mom of many boys you look to for advice or inspiration?
My mom had two boys of her own before becoming a stepmom to my dad’s two sons. They were practically grown by the time I was born so I only remember our house being calm and orderly, and my mom being the perfect picture of patience with me. She regularly reminds me that it wasn’t like that when she had all four boys, and that my house (and patience level) won’t be like that either. And that’s OKAY and I’m still doing a good job.

Thanks so much to Amy for answering all my random questions; I really love what you said about your mom.

Here are three of my favorite boy things right now:

  1. How much my littlest son is starting to reciprocate his big brother’s feelings
  2. The LEGO advent calendar is so fun; Star Wars or City are both cool but Star Wars costs about $10 more
  3. (Temporary) tattoo monster hands, good for snowy days inside