A well-timed “momfographic” (sponsored)

I forgot to take Julian to soccer practice yesterday and felt like a total failure when I looked at my phone at 6 pm and saw the alert, “Soccer 5:30”. So um, let’s just pretend that didn’t happen.

It was one of those times that I wondered when this child’s real mother was going to come get him. Yes, seven years after these photos were taken, I still have that feeling. Have you ever totally forgotten about a kid’s activity?

Ok, now back to the point: thanks to Diapers.com for sponsoring this post in conjunction with the BabyCenter blog network. Diapers.com pretty much sells everything a parent could ever want these days, from Hawaiian-print Huggies to Chuck Taylors for your bambino, but Heather narrowed in on a no-nonsense list of the most important items to have for a baby from the Diapers.com catalog and sent it to me.

  1. diapers
  2. wipes
  3. desitin zinc cream (this stuff is the BEST)
  4. diaper pail
  5. bottle brush with nipple attachment
  6. nursing pads (I buy a gajillion pack)
  7. hooter hider
  8. hands-free pumping bra
  9. born free bottles (love)
  10. nipple cream

How’d she do?

Here’s the “momfographic” that Diapers.com and BabyCenter produced for Mother’s Day. We want to know what you think. Does it reflect your opinions and habits? Or are you still wondering when the real mom is going to show up and take your place?