Darn cute dresses from Shabby Apple!

One of the few fights Whitney and I have had in recent memory was over a dress: she was showing me her new sassy little black dress from Shabby Apple and I wanted to borrow it before she even took the tags off. Not my finest moment. The dresses from Shabby Apple are so lovely that you’ll want one too (even maternity dresses which I just found out – yay!); I only hope you can keep your dignity.

Since a post-partum Heather is not ready to share clothes with a pint-sized Whitney, she found a few choices that detract focus from my floppy belly that I could get for my own self like a 50’s-era hostess dress, formal but not formal gown, crisp waitress dress, and this boatneck dress (with pockets!).

Because of my recent journey through maternity clothes, I got excited about a few of the maternity styles too: Oh Baby shirt collar (pictured), Neapolitan maxi, and Sicily every day dress in RED.

Okay, okay with all those choices, this is my current reigning favorite style: the Sierra Nevada, but I doubt I would take it on any trail hikes.

Special discount for our readers.
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++ Thanks to the stylish women at Shabby Apple for sponsoring this post. Affiliate links included. Sorry I went a little nutty on the picks; I couldn’t help myself!