A little fun for #Movember

Movember is a movement to raise money for cancer — specifically those that kick men where it really counts. Men begin growing their mustaches on November 1 and ask family, friends and strangers to donate to their fundraisers. It’s fun, it’s silly, and it works.

Our buddy Charlie, who has been rocking a ‘stache since the first of the month, reports that walking around the Zoo with his son gave him the sense of being in a special club as he and the other mustached dads silently eyed each other, knowing that they were bonded by facial hair and a special mission from the Internet. Last year, Charlie and team raised $35K for men’s cancers. At least, I think that’s what he told me, but I was sort of distracted by his mustache when he was talking.

How can ladies participate? Those who have been blessed with hairy upper lips can skip waxing of course and embrace their own mustaches for the month. But for those not bold enough to make that leap, or the fair-haired, here’s another way to play the game:

  1. add a mustache to anything and everything around you.
  2. take a picture of your mustached item.
  3. upload your photo to instagram and/or twitter with the hashtag #mustachebombing
  4. revel in its glory

Marie, mom of three, (above with her husband, legit mustache-wearer Jordan) from Make And Takes is the brains behind this effort, and she inspired us to post a couple of images ourselves.

P.S. As much as I’d like to pretend we are organized enough to keep up an Instagram account for “rookiemoms”, it’s not going to happen. We are “rookiewhitney” and “rookieheather” on Instagram if you’d like to follow.