A fistful of good ideas (sponsored by Giggle)

I started writing this post last night and it included a bunch of disconnected topics, including the fact that I’d like to remodel my fireplace and that today is the 8th anniversary of my due date with Julian. By the time I got to the third paragraph, the whole post was about nothing. I deleted it all and decided to get to the point faster.

But I got nothin’.

Therefore, here are some posts I wrote on Giggle recently with much more specific topics.

A book of wisdom for a second-time mom.

The image above is a page from a book I put together when Heather was close to having her second baby, Milo. I invited other second-time moms in our circle to submit their tips, and I assembled it together in a scrapbook. (This was a somewhat self-serving exercise, as I was just four months behind her with my second pregnancy.)
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5 costumes you can easily make for your baby from everyday clothes he or she already has.

Even if you don’t have the crafty gene, Halloween may inspire you to get your hands dirty with art supplies to make your infant a super adorable and incredibly easy costume. Ok, how about just scissors? A Sharpie?
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