A case of “the best things in life are free”

On Wednesday, Julian turned four years old. We’ve had at least three birthday celebrations and he probably opened more than twenty gifts during this time.

While he does love his new Zingo game, his bat costume, and the fact that my best friend “Auntie” Sharon will be taking him on a date to a jazz concert next week, I was most moved by the thoughtful gift given by our babysitter.

ladybugHaving observed his enthusiasm for the Bug Jug my brother gave Julian for his birthday, Erin the Babysitter came to our house (her job) on Wednesday morning with a plastic take-out food container containing one ladybug with some leaves and sticks. I was very impressed. He loved it and I don’t know that I’ve ever witnessed the giving of such an ideal gift for the gift recipient.

What to get the kid who has everything? An insect from your yard.