Nourish by BeliBea is my favorite nursing pumping bra

I have been nursing and pumping for 13.5 months so I consider myself an expert in nursing bras and while I’ve tried a variety of them throughout the course of my breastfeeding relationship, the Nourish by BeliBea bra is by far my fave.

After months of nursing and pumping, my once perky, full-of-milk boobs had started to get a little deflated and saggy. Even though I was still nursing I was about to go out to Nordys and throw myself at the mercy of the sales gal there and beg them to help me find something to make the girls look good again.

Nourish by BeliBea bra while nursing

But then came the Nourish by BeliBea bra. I’d been chatting with the company for a bit so I was well versed on the story behind it: a new mom was unhappy with the available bras out there so she created her own, a bra she could both pump and nurse in. I was a little skeptical at first. I’d tried other pumping/nursing bra combos and the bras never seemed to get tight enough to hold my breast shields in place. I often times pump on the way to work in the morning so I really need a bra that requires so hands or fussing. (more…)

5 Super green baby activities

picnic baby

You know how everyone wants you to buy green stuff in order to do your part for the Earth? Well, being green is more than just buying more crap we don’t need, it’s also getting our hands dirty planting a garden, annoying your family by turning out the lights when they’re still in the room, […]

Stuff your kid just doesn’t like. Sorry, Pinterest.


Here’s a truth: Parents like things that are pretty to look at, thoughtfully designed, and often free of logos. Kids like bright colors, buttons, bells and whistles, and icons they recognize. These two taste groups often butt heads, and in early parenting, the parent wins. A one-year old does not know she’s been dressed up […]

Cute-as-your-kid birthday party decoration idea

How to make a personalized birthday banner

My friend Daniella decorates her house for every holiday, so I was not super surprised when she posted an adorable birthday garland for her daughter Noa on Facebook this week. Look, it’s Noa’s little face through the years (all four of them!) made festive with scrapbook paper hats. She pasted the photos into Word. Find […]

Tech Tuesday: Stitch Fix news

Stitch Fix offers the perfect dress for wrangling storm troopers and children

Stitch Fix: clothes to wrangle children or Storm Troopers. Stitch Fix has big news for smaller people and those growing small people: They now carry maternity and petites! Fill out their questionnaire with your sizing and due date, to get monthly shipments of stylish clothing to fit your body. Try StitchFix yourself. But as for […]