Is a joint birthday party a good idea?

Ideas for the best joint birthday party

An influential force in the village that is helping me raise my children is our preschool community, a quirky, community-minded cohort of families. For example: each eldest class in the school nominates a name for themselves, and Sawyer is a proud member of the Rainbow Penguins (#howberkeleycanyoube).

This weekend, we co-hosted a fourth birthday party with three other Rainbow Penguin families to celebrate the last cluster of children turning the big 0-4. Because we were already planning to invite the same guests, it seemed like a no-brainer to join forces.  Of course, I learned a few lessons that I want to share.

Pro-tips for throwing a joint birthday party (from an amateur)

One person needs to drive the train. Whether it is organizing location, determining theme, or choosing the menu, let someone be the boss of the plan. For this party, our boss was another mama; she kept us all on task, sent out invitations, and loosely themed the party around Rainbow Penguins. Boom.

Rainbow penguin sticker

Agree on a budget. Boring, but critical. By teaming up, does that mean we all will chip in for that $600 laser tag party that I’d never do on my own? Or are we merely sharing the load for a more fantastic bubble BBQ at the park? Either way, get on the same page before booking the fire juggler and bounce houses. (more…)

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