Things to do on Long Island with babies and toddlers

Now that my son is a toddler, we’ve been exploring new and exciting places to go on Long Island; pack the kids in the car and check out these family friendly places in the suburbs of Manhattan.

Monday: Free play
Start out the week with some free play at The Sandbox Playspace. Located in the heart of Huntington village, The Sandbox, run by a husband and wife team, is a joy for kids through five years old, and quite relaxing for parents. With Jack Johnson on the stereo, your child in eye and ear shot, and no screens blasting out annoying cartoons, you can chat with other parents, and even head into their adorable snack room for a break. They also have a breastfeeding room which overlooks the play area! You can drop in and play for $12/child, from 10am-5pm.

Where to take your toddler on Long Island: Sandbox Playspace

Tuesday: Huntington for books
Book Revue in Huntington has toddler time every Tuesday at 11AM. Once a month they have Jeff Sorg, a children’s musician, come in for circle time. Book Revue is family friendly, with accessible bathrooms, and a huge children’s section. When you’re done with toddler time, head over to their cafe for a snack and cup of coffee; they have high chairs, and room for strollers, too. (more…)

Start training your toddler for Easter 2015

How to get ready for an Easter Egg hunt with toddlers

His first Easter, four-month old Julian slept through the whole thing, but once he got his first taste of modern American celebrations of this holiday the following year as a determined toddler, he never looked back. Since he is not actually Christian, his experience of Easter was limited to the hunting of plastic and hard-boiled […]

Activity #418: Document Examples of Bad Parenting

Years ago, a reader named Lynnette gave us the idea to start a collection of photos using baby as a prop to demonstrate all the What Not To Dos. I took mental photographs for this collection whenever I found my second child is asleep in her Pack and Play, swaddled tightly, but surrounded by loose extra blankets, burp […]

The Control Freak’s Guide to sippy cups

Munchkin Miracle sippy cup system is mom approved

I have one overarching piece of advice for you: Standardize, standardize, standardize! Though any controlling and freaky parent will want to know that she is using the absolute best brand of drinking cup perfectly suited to the environment and the ergonomic shape of a child’s mouth that will never leak… I just want you to buy four of the […]

Guessing game: me or my kid?

Kid Heather at Disney World

This is me at ten. This is my son at (almost) ten. Can you tell which is which? Pretty striking, huh? Thanks to Wendy for scaring up this retro Mickey Mouse visor on ebay for our fun! And these are the outtakes. Turns out it is not so easy to get a kid to show just the right […]

Cookbook review: Dinnertime Survival Guide

Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide: Feed Your Family. Save Your Sanity.

If I truly like a cookbook, it starts to look like all the others in my collection: oil-splattered and spine broken with hundreds of my notes scrawled all across it — both in the margins and also copy editing the book itself. I thought that was true of everyone, but Whitney, who had never thought to write in a […]

Links rookie moms should know about (February 2015)

You have to f-ing eat, kid!

Our friend Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil is always hilarious. If you are overwhelmed by the world’s public obsessions with Paleo, Crossfit, Green Smoothies, HIIT, and other cult-like dedication to healthy habits, her parody is funny. is so much fun! Enter your birthday and get a playlist of the top songs from when you were […]