Activity #42: Send your mate out to jog

The wonderful thing about an almost-nine-month old is that fabulous head control that just screams “put me in a baby jogger and let’s see how fast this thing can go.”

Send your partner out for a run with the baby #rookiemoms challenge

Send your partner out for a short run with the jogging stroller and you can catch up on sleep, phone calls, or reading. Make sure to check with your pediatrician before the first trip for any safety tips.

I recall the supreme pleasure of sending my husband out for a run with not one baby, but both!! I had a full extra half hour of near-sleep (after loading everyone up and making some mini waffles for the road) and a blissful shower before making pancakes and bacon without anyone crawling up my leg. Yay!

Rookie Moms challenges are for parents and babies

This is your 42nd challenge (and you don’t even have to leave your bed)! Love or shove it? Let us know with any of these methods:

  • Comment below with your wild adventures at home while baby was on the open road.
  • Share a picture with us on Facebook.
  • Name your destination on Twitter or Instagram and use hashtag #rookiemoms.
  • Or, post a link in the comments to your own blog post about this challenge.

Baby too young for this?  Pretend you’re in Paris (sorry, now you have to get out of bed but Europe awaits) or choose another adventure.

ps about that stroller:  My husband and I — well, mostly him — have been driving BOB jogging strollers for more than nine years (6 with the locked wheel and 3 with the BOB Revolution SE with the swivel wheel so I understand the difference).

  • The locked-in straight wheel allows you to run fast and far; you need to turn corners by lifting up the front; we have been huge fans of this for both real jogging and running errands outdoors. Alec used to run Holden to his nanny share throughout his very verbal toddler days.
  • The swivel wheel allows us to bring this comfy off-road powerhouse of a stroller to urban life and crowded places. It steers easily with one hand even around corners. The basket is a good size (though it gets blocked when baby reclines) and it looks comfy enough that I wish it came in my size. The BOB SE allows us to lock the swivel wheel in place when Alec or I are ready to run. Ok, I’m sorry, I am gushing.

{read my full review of the Bob Revolution if you’re in the market}

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