Surrender: a concept for overwhelmed moms

Surrendering, a concept for overwhelmed moms

Sometimes, when I feel like too many things are being expected of me, my stomach gets tied up in knots. I want to be able to cross everything off my list, make everyone happy, and have some down time. I have trouble knowing where to start when the day looks like a huge tangle of logistics and obstacles, and then I fear the presence of my own children, because each task is more difficult when they are in tow.

A couple years ago, I read something written by life coach Andrea Scher that impacted me. It was about the concept of surrender. She wrote, “The rain is just the rain”, which means that when you look out the window and see the rain, and feel fear, disappointment, and think, “Well now I can’t do x, y, or z,” to ask if it’s possible to reframe the rain.

It’s just water.

The consequence of experiencing the rain is getting wet.

I can live with that. I can get wet.

Surrendering to the rain means accepting its presence. Maybe tossing a towel in your bag, so that if you are really bothered by the water, you can wipe up some of it.

I’m not a generally neurotic person, but I do suffer anxiety about certain issues: namely sleep and time. (more…)

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