9 Favorite clutter-free gifts

Friends don't buy friends clutter, figurines, or bookmarks

Again this year, we have created clutter-free gifts for babies, kids, grandparents, moms (AKA girlfriends), and dads. But this is the mack daddy round-up of our tippy top favorites. The good news is that most (if not all) of these ideas can be obtained up to the very last second of the holidays (like Christmas Eve at 11:50 pm or the next morning right before you leave for brunch at Grandma Barb’s).

Often, you just need access to the internet and a halfway decent printer. If you don’t have that, a crayon and piece of paper might work, too!

All I want for Christmas that is not a thing:

  1. Lessons for anything. Whether you’re registering your husband for pastry classes, your nana for Italian, yourself for hip hop, the kiddo for music together, or anyone for swimming, we love this gift of self-improvement. Try a free baby music class #rookiemoms
  2. Membership to a museum. Children’s museums, hands-on science, and zoos top our list of family destinations. Soooo much better for the family who lives in an apartment, am I right? {related: tips and hacks to get the best deal at your children’s museum}
  3. Tickets to a performance. Make a big deal out of putting it on the calendar. Check Living Social and GoldStar for half-price deals on local events. In our area, the Harlem Globetrotters are on tour next month.
  4. Something to eat or drink. Wine and coffee are popular consumables. Nuf said.
  5. A nook or new room. De-clutter some existing space for a child’s reading nook or a parent cave as needed. This year, two of our children are getting their own bedrooms. But they can read, so I won’t say who.
  6. Adventurous tourism (light). Though I’d like to take a trip to Paraguay with my family, I’d also be happy with the gourmet chocolate walking tour of San Francisco. Cloud9Living makes lots of experiences possible through their quirky tours.
  7. Amazon Prime. Yes, we are affiliates, but we are crazy-frequent users of this service. Two-day shipping, great digital programs including 48-hour movie rentals, and discounts on kindle books make this a must-have in our homes. Get amazon prime for someone you love. Amazon Prime makes a great gift
  8. StitchFix. I’ve been pretty happy with my subscription to StitchFix. Each month, I pay $20 for a person to choose clothes for me. If I like anything, I can apply the styling fee to my clothes. If I love everything — yet to happen — I get a mega discount. {related: My strong opinions about Stitch Fix}
  9. Your time. Even cheaper than half-price tickets is your time offered to do something together. Can you fix a broken something or offer to make dinner? My son would like an hour each weekend dedicated to art. I want a date night, I’ll even put the boys to bed first.

What’s your go-to, last-second, can’t-go-wrong, clutter-free gift?! I might need it.

[Photo credit: of us Megan Small + of Weston Olivia Howell]

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