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My real life is not as glamorous as all this. While I haven’t decided how much to share about the BlogHer14 conference I attended over the weekend because I’m never sure how much you guys care about behind-the-scenes stuff. Though perhaps you would like to hear about me being shoved out of the way by Rev Run from Run DMC or asking a question about motherhood to Kerry Washington in front of a large crowd, I figured we could all relate to the universal favorites of moms everywhere: yoga pants and wine!

The conference kicked off at the NamastEPPA Sangria Sundown Soiree, a yoga-themed cocktail party on BlogHer Eve. It was hosted by Heather Barmore, Jenny Ingram, Heather Spohr, and Morgan Shanahan, with Lucrecer Braxton taking photos.

NamastEPPA party, organic sangria is yummy, OM

Jenny, Lucrecer, Morgan, Heather, and Heather

While bloggers were mingling, yoga poses were being struck. The sun was shining (ok, blazing!) and refreshing sangria was pouring down through a mega-cool block of ice to reach the perfect temperature. I now want this ice thingie for Mother’s Day or Christmas if that’s possible, ok?

NamastEPPA party, organic sangria is yummy, OM

Can I add this to my amazon wishlist?

My favorite of the flavors is Eppa Red made with a blend of pomegranate, acai, blueberry & blood orange. My date, Wendy, preferred the Eppa White with peach, mango, mangosteen & blood orange. Apparently Eppa Sangria has 2x the antioxidants of red wine and 3x the antioxidants of white wine. So there’s that. Available at Whole Foods nationwide.

NamastEPPA party, organic sangria is yummy, OM

Selfie-style with beverages out of view. So classy.

What to do with your bottle of EPPA Sangria?

  • Host a Sangria sipping party in your backyard with other mom friends
  • Binge-watch a new-to-you TV show with your partner
  • Enjoy your summer dinner just a little bit more (does this serving of fruit count as a vegetable? yes, yes it does I am not qualified to answer)

True story. A few weeks ago I invited friends to my backyard for a summery backyard meal. I offered to make sangria — because, you know, over-achiever — and spent nearly an hour looking up recipes, finding a big enough pitcher, sourcing ingredients, chopping fruit, before chilling for an additional four hours. Frankly, I would have much rather twisted open a bottle of EPPA sangria made with all organic fruit juices and then just enjoyed the party. Now I know.

And now for that deal on yoga apparel. Visit Soybu, check out the activewear (including the dress I’m wearing below and everything the bloggers are wearing in the top photo above), and use code #NamastEPPA for 25% off. Limit of one coupon per household. Valid through Sept. 24, 2014.

NamastEPPA party, organic sangria is yummy, OM

This comfy dress is totally made from yoga pants material

[Photos by Farrah Braniff (first two), Heather Flett, and Wendy Copley]

This is a sponsored post: I received product and compensation from One2One Network. Always drink responsibly.


Challenge # 18: Check out the Library is one of 52 challenges for new moms on this site.

Baby's first outing to the library #rookiemoms

Easy peasy. After our previous Cruise Director meltdown, I felt sure that checking out the library would prove to be a walk in the park, literally.

I am really lucky to live in a town with an AWESOME library. A couple of years ago they tore down an old dingy thing with a sign out front reading “Public Library” (much like the library I would frequent as a kid, smells and all) and replaced it with the type of building I have regularly argued devours small town character and turns America into one big strip mall. But in this case, they did it right. All that glass and chrome results in a library that glimmers like a shrine. The city built it and the people have come! This library is hoppin’. It’s got the triple f’s covered; fancy, free, and fun.

The Gear

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Baby buggy
  • Library card

Baby's first outing to the library #rookiemoms

Riley and I pulled it together and headed out the door in record time. After having my face re-arranged during the last challenge, I decided not to over think this one.

The library is just a 15-minute walk from my house. It is also located right on our civic park. I’m not really ready to take this babe to play at the park, but I am guessing he’ll want to go at some point. For now, he can’t sit up and I don’t really feel like listening to other kids scream and run amok. Plus there is the germ factor.

I am a serious germaphobe, a quality much challenged in my years spent traveling abroad on a budget. Exposure and necessity will cure you of a great many things, but hand sanitizer is still my friend. My best friend, actually.

Riley and I trolled the perimeter of the playground at the far end of the park where, to my surprise, there was a whole ring of mothers, on their own, away from the screams, shaking tiny bottles of hand-sani and wiping down everything in sight. My people. We hang out on the fringes. Now I know where to come to hit on a (germ-free) new mama!

But I digress. On to the library. Piece of cake. Strolled right in, and even checked out a little light reading. Things were going so well I decided we’d take the grand tour and check out all the facilities. Changing stations in the clean bathrooms – check. Private conference/study rooms – sweet. Café, yes, CAFÉ – ooh la la.  This is my kind of place.

I should mention: Riley is such a quiet baby, sometimes I forget he can wail with the best of them. I guess he thought the far corner of our tour would be a good time to remind me. So we strolled in and we screamed out.  I guess a little noise was all he needed, that and a high-five.

Rookie Moms Challenge #18, we SO checked you out.

Dusty Sleeves

  • Aside from the germiness of any public place, especially those where children roam, I dealt with it. Checked out a copy of The Vaccine Book, by Dr.Sears while I was dealing.
  • Riley’s squealing at the end took me totally be surprise. It hadn’t even crossed my mind that he might cry. There is only one thing to do when your baby starts screaming in the library: Run! Fast!

 Best Sellers

  •  I’m glad I had a chance to scope out the park, it was great to see some mamas, like me, hanging out on the fringe.
  • The library was totally do-able. A quick walk, some fresh air, and an environment to stimulate both of our developing brains. I give it an A+.

 Baby's first outing to the library #rookiemoms

[Photo credit: Suzanne Curletto -- all rights reserved]

Rookie Moms Challenges -- weekly adventures for moms and babies

Editor’s Note: We recommend the library as an outing for new moms because the children’s sections feature places to read and snuggle with baby; schedules for baby circle times are posted; and there may be other free resources to discover. Make sure to put a library visit on your maternity leave bucket list. Find more baby activities in the 52 weekly rookie mom challenges.

If you’re already participating, use hashtag #rookiemoms on instagram or twitter so we can cheer each other on.

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