How I ordered eyeglasses without leaving the house

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Getting new eyeglasses is one of the greatest  triumphs of my summer. My current pair, which I wear every day, had become pretty scratched, but no one would let me order new lenses without an updated prescription.


I’ve been wearing the ones you see on the left as long as it took to grow those bangs all the way down to my shoulders, and then go back to having them again.

The truth that I was hiding from myself was that I did not like my eye doctor and therefore kept cancelling appointments I made with her, finally giving up and admitting that I need to switch doctors. I went to a new one, and 45 minutes later had a new prescription in my hand.

Now what?

Shopping for glasses is hard. I like to have my husband or my mom with me for opinions. I like not to have children with me so that I can focus. So when can that happen?

Then, it’s so hard to see myself in the mirror at the eyeglass store, because I’ve taken off my glasses to try on the samples.

I decided to try Warby Parker, the online glasses store that will send you five pairs of frames to try on – for free. I knew all the frames were reasonably priced at $95 for non-progressives and that they were generally inline with my style.

Warby Parker

I ordered five pairs after looking carefully at the notations inside my current frames to understand what sizes of glasses fit my face. (I have a very small face and a wide bridge of my nose.) I checked the sizes on the glasses I liked on the website, and found it was much easier to commit to five than to make that final decision of the one thing I’m going to wear on my face every single day for the next two years.


My “Home Try On” box arrived in a few days.


As encouraged by Warby Parker, I posted a photo on Instagram of myself wearing each pair of frames.



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