The gift I want to give every new mom: FOOD!

Favorite recipes for new moms: spaghetti and meatballs from Katie Workman's Mom 100 Cookbook

Is there anything more wonderful than a freshly cooked meal delivered to your door when you’re hungry? I treasured each and every meal brought to me by loving friends when I was home bonding with a newborn.

Now that I have three children (under my belt? out from my belt area?), I still believe that food is the kindest gift of all. Sadly, I’m often too busy with my own family’s demands to be that hero on the porch around dinnertime, but when I am, here are a few of my go-to meals:

  1. Easiest of all: There are meal delivery services that deliver amazing restaurant-quality meals later the same day. In the Bay Area, I heart Munchery big time, try them if they’re near you. For about $50, you’ve just sent the happy little family several good dinners.
  2. Very easy: Rotisserie chicken, a pre-made side dish, and brownie bites from Whole Foods. Still tasty for her and fast for you! Got kids of your own? Grab a second helping of everything. Done and done.
  3. Pretty easy: Make a favorite chili or hearty soup. Freeze it in large, flat slabs in freezer-safe Ziplock bags. Bring to the rookie family with a loaf of crusty bread and generous salad. Top off with a sweet potato pie for dessert (superfood!).
  4. Medium level of difficulty: I like to make homemade spaghetti with meatballs because it is hearty and filling. My current favorite recipe comes from Katie Workman (from The Mom 100 Cookbook: 100 Recipes Every Mom Needs in Her Back Pocket, which is fantastic!). I spent about 15 minutes prepping the meatballs and another making the sauce. So tasty and freezes well (use that handy flat slab trick mentioned above). Double the batch for you and the new mama. Pair with a bottle of red wine if she’s drinking and a dessert of your choice.

I can almost taste the delicious roast chicken, tangy brisket, and fresh baked cookies when I think about those early days with my baby. I may never have food as delicious as when I was a new mother, under-slept and ravenous from nursing round the clock!Favorite recipes for new moms: turkey chili from Katie Workman's Mom 100 Cookbook

What do you like to bring new mommies, and would you like to drop off a second helping at my place?

I have a well-worn copy of The Mom 100 Cookbook and heartily recommend it to anyone who needs to eat and prepare 3 meals a day.

[Photo credit TODD COLEMAN/THE MOM 100 COOKBOOK, all rights reserved by The Mom 100]

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