Holiday cards I can barely read

If you spend any time on women’s Internet spaces, you are familiar with inspirational quotes. We’ve seen a modern typography trend arise where clean sans-serif fonts are mixed with script fonts, and maybe even some all-caps thrown in for good measure.



Here’s a holiday card look that I chose in 2011. Two fonts mixed in a fun way. Clean and crisp.

from tiny prints

More recently, a backlash against digitally-styled words has appeared, and everything’s popping up hand-painted.

When I looked at the card selection at minted and tinyprints, I couldn’t help but notice the numerous water-color themed cards, and even further, the calligraphy pen has made a comeback. The printables circulating on Pinterest and Etsy have taken a turn for the extra-decorative. Hand-lettering is a Thing.

I like this Thing. I would even take a class in it.

But some of these scripted messages have gone so wild, I can hardly make out the meaning of the printed words.


And surely my seven-year old, who takes pride in her ability to read cursive, will struggle to distinguish which letters are on the page.

“Gone to Carolina in my mind”

“There ue always bo blowers those who want to ju thern” for example.


source: etsy

I love a good New Year’s Eve Hash!


I snapped this picture after my Starbucks cup wrapper featured the shaky scrawl of a mad scientist.


These printable tags from Persia Lou are very cute, but a little hard to read. (Should I use them or will my children be unable to get the messages?)


I’m sure the post office loves sorting these.


Scripty Address

I like the hand-lettering trend because it references a crafty, authentic vibe, but I ask that the artists finish that entire pot of coffee when they’re done with their work.


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