Creative new products for parents

Just when I was ready to declare 2014 The Year of the Hedgehog at the ABC Kids product expo, I was slapped in the face by another silicone feeding product. So, for nursery decor, foxes on on their way out and prickly pokey hedgehogs are coming in strong, but everything else will be made of rubbery-textured stuff.

Year of the Hedgehog #YOTH

I want to make this a thing so you should tweet and instagram at us with the #YOTH and #rookiemoms hashtags whenever you see a hedgehog where none existed before.

Hedgehog clock by Tree by Kerri | Year of the hedgehog

Tree by Kerri Lee makes this really cute wooden artwork including clocks, milestone blocks, light switch covers, funky night lights, keepsakes up the wazoo, and lots more. All original artwork made in the USA, and she was  a pleasure to meet. Check out her other stuff.

The Skip Hop hedgehog comes as a backpack or lunchbox

We are Skip*Hop fangirls, and this year they made us wish we had a reason to buy a new backpack, lunchbox and water bottle with all the cute. For better or worse, my monkey backpack is still going strong and I’m sticking with it!

Mary Meyer plush hedgehog for babies

Mary Meyer has a new line of natural baby toys that equates to hedgehog + natural materials + tags and loops = perfect baby toy. I took a photo at the new product showcase and can’t locate the new version online yet, but this one (above) comes pretty darn close. She also has a Happy Hugs Hedgehog clip-on toy that can attach easily to your baby gym.

To find even more hedgehog-styled baby products, see what amazon is offering. You’ll be stunned!

Super clever new products for parents

I was overwhelmed by the innovative ideas for solving the same old parenting challenges. Here are a few of my favorites:
Baby Rescue Rapid Evacuation Device


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Activity #31: Go out for just dessert

Rookie Moms Challenge #31: Go out for just dessert when using a babysitter for the first time

I am assuming that I am not the only rookie mom for whom leaving my child to be put to bed by a babysitter for the first time was scary. My kid never took a bottle, so I pretty much had to be there for a bedtime nursing for the first ten months. This feeling […]

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