The lasts of the firsts, part two

About a year ago, I wrote moodily about the lasts being harder to notice than the firsts. And as my (last) baby approaches his fourth birthday, I’m feeling it all again.

First day of last year of preschoolEarlier this week, we had his first day of (his next year of) preschool. Oh sure, the school barely closed for a week in between “years” and he’s with the same kids and teachers, but the room is different and I know that he’s finally a senior. We’ve been in the same comfortable preschool since 2007 and this is really our last last year there.

Sigh… I can remember his first shocking day as an infant. And now he’s all big.
First day at daycare

A few days ago, Sawyer declared that he was all done with helping his dad make morning coffee. The two of them had developed quite a morning ritual around running into Daddy’s arms in order to help scoop and grind the beans each day. And just like that he said, “I’m over it.”

This morning, when Sawyer noticed Alec was a little bummed out to lose his “helper” he said, “I was over it, but I could get back under it.” Now we don’t know if he’ll keep it up or just go through the motions. The last of anything is his call to make (or forget to make as the case may be).

Funny either way. We like to document and commemorate, but capturing those lasts is so much harder than the firsts.

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