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It’s Orange Tuesday, which is Halloween’s answer to Black Friday.

In other words, if the costume retailers don’t have a really good day today, they hang their heads and cry. But that is not our concern.

Our concern is how to make Halloween easy and fun for everyone, which Heather will tell you takes years of practice. (See Control Freak Mom Survives Holiday Centered Around Candy, the Prequel)

Easy options for pirate costumes

The first thing that’s fun is that is offering 25% off all costumes today only. If you come back tomorrow, I will have deleted this sentence. If you read this on September 3, it means I forgot to delete this sentence. Click through this link to find princesses and ninja turtles, superheroes and tigers for babies, toddlers, kids and adults. Again, use this link to the 25% off page.

Where to buy a pirate costume for a baby

When my son was four, he was a pirate. Though you can purchase a head-to-toe pirate outfit, he was still satisfied with my half-way homemade costume projects at that time, and I saved a bit of money by outfitting him in an old black maternity shirt, belted at the waist with a scarf, over red and white striped PJ bottoms that he already owned. We made it authentic with a package of accessories. The most important bit to get your hands on is a felt child’s pirate hat.

We went with the red and black color scheme, bandana and all, but there’s also this brown get-up that’s as easy as adding the whole thing to your cart.

Rogue Pirate Toddler Costume

And Melissa and Doug makes this pirate costume which you might not come across because they call it “role play” so that you can use it year-round. Thanks for the permission, Melissa and Doug, but we are pretty clear that being a small child is a sufficient excuse to wear costumes year-round. I think this is the way to go if you are not a DIY costume person. Simply add black pants or PJ bottoms and perhaps black rainboots.



Next tip: Parents should dress up if they like to. Coordinating with the kids is like, the cutest thing ever. My dad absolutely hates costumes, though, so if you’re in his camp, I get it. He’s a really great dad anyway.

If Mama wants to be a pirate, wear black boots, red pants and a long black top. Wear your partner’s top if it’s bigger, and belt it. Then add accessories: patch, bandana, etc. Not a black boot owner? Consider these Pirate Lady Boot Tops.

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Today’s challenge, your thirtieth, is to discover a family-friendly pub in your area and test it out. Yes, we tried this a few times. Sure, baby Julian made a frat boy of himself and booted the first time. Nobody cared!

#rookiemoms maternity leave challenge: stumble into a family-friendly pub with your babyYou don’t have to compromise on ambiance every time you go out for dinner with your baby. You want a beer after work (or after spending the day alone together), and your baby wants to bang spoons on the table. No problem.

Bars that serve food also service babies. Many of them have noise levels that will enable your family to blend right in. So don’t be afraid: Go to a sports bar or an Irish pub. Pull up a high chair and get rowdy with the rest of the crowd.

rookie moms maternity leave challenges

Excerpted from The Rookie Mom’s Handbook. Photo from Greg Neate via flickr.


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