8. Buy sexy underwear that doesn’t hurt

GAP cute-sexy nightie thingThis challenge was part of my list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days. Well, mission accomplished, I got this little number and I like it.

But I’m really here to recommend the undies.

I don’t normally find most of the fancy stuff comfortable. Admit it, we do it for the guys. But I want to go on record here as saying that I think the ultra low-rise lacy teeny bikini things (now discontinued, of course!!) are extremely comfortable. For reals. They don’t have those painful strings cutting in the sides or up the back, but they still look you know…like you’re making an effort. 😉

And here’s an unintended stroke of luck for pregnant (and recently post-partum mamas)…because of our society’s current obsession with ultra low rise for everyone, I bet they would make good maternity undies too. Let me know.

Ultra low rise apologies to any of my co-workers or old high school buddies who may be reading this. At least I’m not talking about nipples.

Crossing off: 8. Buy a special outfit of lingerie