7 good things for rookie moms

1. An extremely clear tutorial on how to make a nursing cover is on Prudent Baby.

2. Available at Target stores in California and coming soon to a store near you, a mom/winemaker has named her brand of wine Mommy Juice because that’s what her daughter called her nightly glass. It’s about $10.

3. Read this: 7 tips for a newborn photography session gone wrong from I Heart Faces.

4. Ok, so I’m honestly a little dubious that these girly hair doodads would be high quality, but the concept of this pigtail kit is so darn cute, I had to post it. Find it at House 8810.

5. Read this: How can we stay friends? by the Happiest Mom, Meagan Francis who addresses the potential drifting and rifting between moms and their female friends without kids.

6. Key substitutes that are safe for babies’ mouths via Cool Mom Picks. (Finally! We’ve taken enough heat for this post!)

7. Read about the mom behind these personalized kids plates in my latest BabyCenter post.

P.S. Do you know that it’s “Guilt-free parenting week?” See Heather’s BabyCenter post about birthday parties.

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