6 things to do before you’re six, guest post from Holden

For my birthday last week, Holden wrote me a terrific note. Do you see that? I’m ossum.

Whitney challenged me to eek a guest post out of my son. She suggested I interview him and co-write “6 things to do before you’re six.” Great idea, in theory. I took a short-cut and made my own list first. ASSuming he’d totally agree with me.

Here are six things (I think) Holden thinks you should do before you turn six:

  1. Learn how to ride a big kid bike. Do it often.
  2. Swim, like under water.
  3. Tie your own shoes (we’re working on it).
  4. Play Angry Birds on your dad’s iPhone (in fact, he wants a playable Angry Birds cake for his birthday. Who does he think I am? Whitney?)
  5. Watch Star Wars (Episode 4 please, to be followed by Empire Strikes Back in either 59 days or 59 years, we’re not sure).
  6. Go to a sweet theme park like Legoland or Disney World.

So, then I asked him, “Hey kid, what are the things you think someone should do before they turn six?” And his list was more of a party planning checklist. Since he’s a new reader, he stood over my shoulder and wouldn’t let me change a word on his list.

What you need to do before you turn six (or how plan an awesome sixth birthday party so your parents don’t screw it up too much):

  1. Make sure you have stuff on your (amazon) wishlist you want
  2. Make sure you are on the right wishlist
  3. Ask for one of your favorite things like Legos
  4. Make sure we say nice things when people give us presents
  5. Show that you can turn into first grade by working hard in kindergarten and you have to prove it
  6. You have to make the cake
  7. If you need a pinata then you should get candies to put in it
  8. Make sure you have those birthday hats ready
  9. Make sure the candles are ready
  10. Get the matches

So, if you or your kid are ready to turn six, we have a heap of sage advice for you!