6 cute umbrellas for preschoolers

An umbrella is a terrific gift for a preschooler. My toddler loves to hold her own kid-sized umbrella, and it gives us something to do on a rainy day – go outside and stand there with an umbrella over our heads.

I saw this rainbow umbrella for kids in a Museum catalog and thought it was worth sharing. Then, when I searched for it on Amazon, I found even more cuteness – all six umbrellas are less than $20.00. Great gift for nieces or nephews.

Rainbow Spectrum Umbrella
rainbow umbrella

Cloud Umbrella for Kids (comes in adult size, too!)
sky cloud umbrella

Monkey Umbrella
monkey umbrella

Red Polka Dot Umbrella
red polkadot kids umbrella

Apple of My Eye Umbrella
apple motif kids umbrella

Ladybug Umbrella
ladybug kids umbrella