6 Clever Gifts for Dads

Inspiration strikes when you least expect it. First I must confess that Whitney turned me on to the new show, Modern Family and I like it. Unlike other great shows, it is safe to watch in mixed-age groups. And effing funny.

Anyway, when the Beta Dad character, Phil, rattled off a list of things he wanted for his anniversary (rather than an envelope of hug coupons and a private concert with Spandeau Ballet), I wanted to memorize it and share it.

What a Dad wants, by Phil on Modern Family
robot dognight vision gogglesbugzooka bug vacuumgarmin gps watchrock speakersyogurt maker

  1. Robot Dog – does tricks with a remote. Cleaner than a real pet.
  2. Night Vision Goggles – who needs a flashlight?
  3. Bug Vacuum – Humane and so tough.
  4. GPS Watch – he’ll never need directions again.
  5. Speakers that look like rocks – required for all man caves.
  6. Yogurt Maker – for a hyper-local foodie dad!

Now, watch the clip and become a devotee of the show too:

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