5 things you do not know about me (Whitney)

Ok, my turn:

  1. The officiant at my wedding was my grandfather – as in California, anyone can get a license for a day to perform a wedding.
  2. I was in third grade the first time I tried to smoke a cigarette, thanks to some super-mature sisters, Amy and Lisa Weber, and a social force now known as peer pressure.
  3. It took me over one year to acheive each of my pregnancies. Details available to friends, family and strangers only on a need-to-know-basis, which means that if you have problems of your own and want to compare notes, I am more than happy to share my experiences, but if you are simply curious or nosy, then you don’t need to know more than that.
  4. I wish I were an artist.
  5. I can’t sing either (see Heather’s list below) and was asked to be more quiet during group singing in elementary school because I threw others off-key.