5 things you do not know about me (Heather)

First, let me say that our blog isn’t as bloggy as some… so this is the first time we’ve been tagged for anything. How exciting, then, that Angel from 1smartmom thought we should join the fray. Here goes…

  1. I went to Clown Camp in junior high. Twice!
  2. I met my now-husband while I was running a half-marathon, but I was a little too focused to care. Whitney was running with me at the time and she paid him no notice either.
  3. Caffeine makes me crazy. I bounce off the walls. Alcohol often has a similar affect.
  4. I can fall asleep almost anywhere… standing up on a bus, in a bar, at a concert, mid-conversation — no problem.
  5. I can’t sing but I love karaoke!

I think for this to be correct, Whitney needs to go next. Too bad she outed her pregnancy already… :-)

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