5 reasons I love my iPhone (newborn edition)

As I sit in the corner of my bedroom in the wee hours of the morning nursing my baby, I have one hand free. With an iPhone in that hand, I can do almost anything! Being a mom of a newborn is different than the last time I did it; that was the old days — 2007. 2011 smart-phone-enabled mothering is mind-blowingly awesome and I want to tell you why I love it:

  1. Twitter. I can keep up with all matter of news overnight as well as commiserate with other sleepless moms (hashtag #zombiemoms). Not so lonely anymore.
  2. Amazon app. Get this free app and sign up for Amazon Mom to get deals on baby stuff and free-two day shipping on nearly anything with one thumb click.
  3. Baby tracker. Using Baby Connect ($4.99), I can track feeding and sleep patterns like the nerd I am. An extra geeky feature syncs this data to my husband’s phone and our iPad. Eat Sleep is also pretty good for $0.
  4. Text messages. No need to yell to the other end of the house. When I text I need a hand, my husband comes quickly.
  5. Camera. When I’m stuck under a sleeping floppy baby, I can take pictures. Lots of pictures.
Super baby close-up

If you have an Android or Blackberry, your world is probably just as fabulous, but I don’t know the details. Share your best uses for a smart phone as a mom of a newborn and I’ll try your suggestions out tonight!

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