47. Bike through wine country (any wine country)

When I added this item to my list, I envisioned lazily cycling through the Italian or French countryside with cycling shorts camouflaged beneath an impossibly fresh outfit; a baguette in my basket; and my husband towing our well-behaved cherubs in a trailer (or maybe they were left at home or back at the villa, but I know I wasn’t dealing with them).

Further, I imagined a gentle breeze and stopping for light meals at adorable roadside towns. Perhaps my skin would get a healthy suntan for the first time ever and certainly, a few sips of wine at each port-of-call would not make me too tipsy to ride the narrow streets. And there would be no serious climbs.

Well, blah blah blah. My pal, Olivia, and I rode the shortest loop on the Tour d’Organics this year. Alec managed the wee ones and they met us at the various organic farm stops. It was wine country California but there was no wine. I had my first flat tire in years, but Alec found us and saved me. It wasn’t exactly as I imagined, but it was certainly a good day!

Cross it off.