31 daily goals or one honking resolution?

Asha from Parenthacks.com asked this seemingly innocuous question via twitter (she’s @parenthacks if you want to follow her) yesterday: What if, instead of unrealistic resolutions, for Jan 09, we set 31 daily goals, 4 weekly goals, and 1 monthly goal?

twitter of parenthacks

I already loved her, but this idea blew my mind. I was a little drunk at the time, having had my 1 1/2 drinks of New Year’s cheer, so I decided to wait until morning to declare all my goals. When I woke up, before I even bothered to open my eyes, I was thinking of how to set my goals.

If these goals are like NYE resolutions, you could set them every day…kinda like to do items on your list. That’s sure easier than coming up with 365 plus 12 plus 52 goals right now, right? And could they repeat? Of course they can… because each new year, how many of us are trying to Quit smoking, have more sex, lose weight, or stop yelling as much?

Another way to take it is a huge gigantic list like my 101 things in 1001 days. Or to buy and follow a book like Rookie Mom’s Handbook that sets out reasonable and fun goals for each day (with time off for good behavior)… okay gotta run, my cherubs let me sleep until 7:30 and are now screaming so I better go try to be cheery and not yell at them!