3 cute dress substitutes for nursing or pumping moms

When Whitney asked me to choose three dresses that would be good for nursing or pumping moms from the Shabby Apple collection, I told her that wearing a dress to nurse is bullshit. I routed her to the skirt department instead.

Even a wrap dress, which seems ideal for pulling boobs out, reveals way more than my in-laws the general public wants to see. A layering strategy is radically easier. Wear a nursing tank as the base layer with a matching shirt on top to maximize coverage and maybe — just maybe — smooth out all the midriff stuff (ps a regular tank top can be the base layer, but you’ll need to pull it down and the bra while leaving the top top up and it gets rather complicated!).

Here are my picks for skirts for mama:

  1. For fancy red carpet occasions Hollywood Boulevard poofy tutu skirt (pictured above) or the equally audacious longer Academy Award skirt – pair with two layers of tight black tops to hide your muffin top; lift one, leave one.
  2. Cute, high-waisted, wear a bright cardigan Crosswalk skirt.
  3. This pattern looks like it hides spills, a sad byproduct of nursing or pumping… sigh… Land Ho! skirt

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