280 Days to go to do 83 more things!

I glanced at my list of things today because I was trying to plan a vacation that I would love inspired by a post by DeliciousBaby’s Debbie. On my list, I have Cuba (still not open), Scotland (ok, maybe), leave the country every year since 2008 (FAIL!), one-month sabbatical (not yet), and a train ride up or down the California coast. The train trip sounds the most easy and practical but also not so fun and sexy. Oy!

At least I have a few other things I can cross off my list and I’m not a total disappointment to myself:

10. Clean out my closet. For real. Done. Purged. In conjunction with my mini home remodel this year, we built an Elfa closet system and cleared out all the crap we don’t wear. Unfortunately, I also got rid of my too-small pants right before losing ten pounds. Oops. But the closet, she is clean!

12. Reach a weight that I am comfortable with and stay there for 3 months Near enough. I lost my Milo baby weight and almost all of my Holden baby-weight. To be honest, when I dipped into “wedding weight” territory, I got nervous and started eating cake. Nice job, me!

Fly a kite26. Fly a kite
We went to the Berkeley kite festival last year and it was super fun. My husband is hot, yes?

I also can’t help but notice that my sporty spice goals are largely undone; is that because I don’t care about them lately or because I put them there because I was trying to be someone I’m not?

So, I will keep staring at this list off and on of my 101 things to do in 280 more days even though my ambition has totally waned and my priorities are not terribly aligned, because I love me some lists!