26 links we appreciate

So we had a “blog blast” last week. How fun is that? We wrangled some prize bags and asked a bunch of parent bloggers to blog about their rookie year as a mom.

Here are the results:

Secret Mom Thoughts: Adventures

Rockin’ Mama: A Rookie at Heart

Flibbs.com: Battling Yoda and Diaper Flaps at the Same Time

Susie J: Dining in a Wine-List Restaurant with Kids

PhotoChick: Flashback Fridays Featuring Awesome Outings

Cheese Party: Flying With Baby Times Ten

Midwestern MommyFrom Target to Take Out: My Rookie Mom Year

Havoc and Mayhem: How Not to Take Your Newborn to Florida

Get a Grip Mom: Hug-a-By Baby

Temporarily Me: Integrating Into a New World: Rookie Style

Thrifty Toddler: It’s the Breakfast Club, Baby!

MotherGooseMouse: Leaving on a Jet Plane

How Much Is a Duck Worth: Mommy Needs Out Field Trip, and a Fun Site Shout Out!

My Family Loves It: My First Year as a MOM: Restaurants, Playgroup & Hockey!

Mayberry Mom: Never Too Young for Happy Hour

WhitneyandRyan.comThe One Where Julian was a Frat Boy

MamaDrama: Outings with your kids ~ OR ~ IfWeDon’tGetOutaThisHouseRightNowI’mGoingToGoCrazy!!

After The Bubbly: Pumps to Pampers: My First Year of Motherhood

Baby PhD: Rug Shopping with a 2 Month Old

One in 36 million: Sand in His Butt-Crack

Frankly Frivolous: Strawberries and Greeks for Baby

The Dana Files: Take Me Out to the Mall Game

Zrob: This Time Last Year – First Time Eating Out

The Kiddie Clique: The Torturing of Charlotte

Motherhood Uncensored: What to Wear at BlogHer 2008: A Sleeping Baby

And a Baby: Who Doesn’t Love a Montage?